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BrakeHard on The Daily Downforce

NASCAR Pays More for Chicago Street Race

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That guy you’ve seen on TikTok talking about cars going right and sometimes left.

As the 2024 NASCAR season creeps towards its start, two controversial topics are in the news. NASCAR is going to have to pay up for the Chicago Street Race and an EV is being demonstrated at the Clash. Brakehard breaks down all of this news in his most recent video.

  • NASCAR agreed to pay $2 million extra to Chicago for the Street Race. Brakehard breaks down how much NASCAR has to pay, and how it compares to other events held at Grant Park.
  • However, there is some pushback about whether or not $2 million is enough extra money. Brakehard pushes back on that narrative.
  • NASCAR will show off an electric vehicle at the Clash at the LA Coliseum. Brakehard corrects some misconceptions that people have about this vehicle.

What does this news mean for the future of NASCAR? Time will tell, and Brakhard will keep fans up to date on all of that and more.

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