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BrakeHard on The Daily Downforce

NASCAR Has MORE Charters Available…With a Catch

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Charters are in short supply in the NASCAR Cup Series, but, there may be a way for new charters to be added to the Cup Series. Brakehard breaks down how this could happen, and what the major catch is in his most recent video.

  • NASCAR has four extra charters that they are holding onto. However, they are specifically reserved for a brand-new OEM.
  • Honda is rumored to be interested in NASCAR. Brakehard breaks down all of the potential scenarios should Honda purchase either all or just some of the charters.
  • Is this scenario and the charter system in general a good thing or a bad thing for NASCAR? Brakehard strongly lands on one side of the fence.

If Honda joins NASCAR, what will they do with these extra charters? Comment on Brakehard’s video to let him know your thoughts, and be sure to subscribe for the latest NASCAR news and updates.

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