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NASCAR Fans React to SVG’s Development Deal

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According to Adam Stern of Sports Business Journal, Shane Van Gisbergen will be moving to Team Trackhouse next season for what is called a “Wide-range development deal.” We already discussed what type of a deal he could be looking at with this “Wide-range development deal,” but what do the fans think about this?

The fans were overall very excited about the prospect of SVG coming to NASCAR. However, people had some varied opinions on how it could look. Where could he realistically go if the Cup Series full-time is not a good option?

Others are simply excited to see him in the Cup Series and in NASCAR in general. They do not have that much care in terms of how it is gone about, but they are happy to see him here anyway.

Some fans were a bit more cautious about this news. They do not want this news to be at the expense of either other drivers or at the expense of a better option for SVG.

What did the fans have to say about SVG coming to NASCAR?

The ones who were happy to see him here

Lawson Murphree is excited to see SVG.

Skewcar is excited.

Kayleb is nothing short of happy about this.

Freight Train Studios is incredibly excited.

Remington Graphics has a predicted paint scheme for SVG in Cup.

What Races can SVG Race in?

Kevin Planvick in a foreign language says that Niece in Trucks and Kaulig in Xfinity are places for SVG to go.

Will says there will likely be a mixture of races that SVG races in multiple series.

Lasagna predicts that SVG is Carson Hocevar’s replacement.

Mike Curry theorizes about a third charter at Trackhouse.

Aaron notes what SVG said about how many races he wants to run in 2023.

Matthew Sellers has an idea for which races SVG can run in.

HighLine29 Designs points out how incredible this move truly is.

What Fans Hope This Does Not Mean

Carson (Not Hocevar) does not want to see this be the end of Project 91.

Mariner is scared about what this could mean for Daniel Suarez.

Nick Brightwell wants SVG in Cup full-time.

There is plenty of excitement for SVG to potentially come to the Cup Series next season. There is also a lot of risks potentially associated with it as well. The fans are excited though, and it should be one of the biggest stories of the season.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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