All signs point to NASCAR returning to Circuit of the Americas for a fifth year in 2025.

NASCAR’s flirtation with Austin, a previously untapped market for stock-car racing, began with a rain-soaked race in 2021, yet its popularity with drivers, television, sponsors and organizers has them looking for more.

So much so that COTA Chairman Bobby Epstein, who rents the track to Speedway Motorsports, is counting on it.

“I don’t believe we have a contract yet for next year, but I don’t foresee any problem going forward,” he said Saturday. “I’m sure we’re both happy to have them back.”

Less than an hour later, Epstein indicated there is a deal for next year. NASCAR officials won’t go that far.

“We love bringing NASCAR to Austin and working with the talented team at Circuit of the Americas. Nothing is final until the official NASCAR schedule comes out, but we’re planning for another big event week in Austin at COTA in 2025,” said Marcus Smith, president and CEO of Speedway Motorsports.

— Austin American-Statesman —