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NASCAR Collectibles Every Fan Must Own

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NASCAR collectibles are a big staple in NASCAR’s industry, and many fans take pride in what they have in their households to represent the sport. The variety of different kind of collectibles you can acquire is insane compared to a lot of other sports around the world.

There’s a world of diecasts, apparel, and wacky items that came about through sponsorships within the sport. It can be overwhelming at first to decide on what to add to your collection when looking online or even at the merch haulers at the racetrack.


Diecasts are a big part of the collectible area in NASCAR. Many fans are diehard diecast collectors, from getting every car of their favorite driver to their favorite moments in the sport in car form. Now which one to get comes down to personal preference, but finding a good, detailed race-win version is something that any diecast collector is proud to have.

Aluma Trailers

Lionel was out testing ways to replicate Zane Smith’s truck win at COTA after his literally burned his truck down after his victory celebration.


A great add on to your apparel collection are racing hats. They have just as a variety of designs and colors to represent your favorite NASCAR driver. There are team/driver replicated hats that they were to a race weekend, or you see on their head during an interview. It can be that extra piece you need at the track to complete your Raceday outfit to show your fandom. Recently NASCAR has brought back a vintage look to some of the hat designs, and they have been gaining attraction with fans.

Fan Cole is a Chase Elliott fanatic and is getting quite the collection of hats to represent the No. 9 Hendrick driver.

Uniform Jacket

Uniform Jackets are a unique style in the NASCAR world. They are bright, colorful, and full of logos that your favorite driver wears on race day. Aside from getting your hands on an actual uniform, these jackets are a replicant to the uniform design of your favorite team or driver. They are also great to wear at the racetrack if the temperature is cool or the wind is gusting at the track.

Fan The1stWright dug some old ones from the early 2000s from his parents garage.

Body Panels

NASCAR fans have no problem putting a hunk of sheet metal on their living room wall and being satisfied with that home décor. It’s one of the coolest collectible pieces that a NASCAR fan can get, and a conversation starter to find out that piece of metal’s story. It’s one of the most real and authentic NASCAR collectibles to have in your collection.

To have a piece of NASCAR history is all but bragging rights in a collector’s eyes.

Eric Estepp was able to get a famed Dewalt black & yellow hood piece from his favorite driver’s car, Matt Kenseth.


NASCAR t-shirts have some of the coolest graphic art designs to represent our sports legends and favorite teams. Each merch hauler at the track usually has multiple t-shirt designs available for sale from simplistic designs to a beacon of colors to pop out from a crowd.

Like the jackets, there are also crew member replica shirts to feel like you’re really representing your team on Sunday. You may even get lucky at the track and have a driver sneak up on you and sign your shirt like this fan did when Jimmie was around the garage as a driver full-time.

JAY shows off a collection of crew shirts and was able to get a few of them autographed.

Trading Cards

Like any other sport NASCAR has series of trading cards for people to collect or hold for a high resell value. Some of our sports biggest stars have trading cards that are worth just as much as some of the most desired diecasts.

The amount of card series is endless with cool graphic designs and eye-popping reflections to grab your attention. Some cards even come with a piece of the car that ran in a race or signatures from drivers.

Pioneersportcards are showing a few Gold Series cards from the last few years.

Playoff Push Sports Cards shows off a few of the Sheet Metal series cards from the 2017 season.

Hero Cards

Hero Cards are big cards that the drivers sign and handout at the racetrack during a sponsored fan meet & greet or any chance they have around the garage. They are a nice way to say you were able to meet your favorite driver and got their autograph. They are similar to trading cards to collect, but not quite the same value for the trade market, just a cool souvenir from an at track experience.

AdaptivMom was giving away a bunch of Hero Cards that she had collected over the years of some past Xfinity drivers.

Replica Racing Helmets

The NASCAR community has some amazing helmet designers working within the race teams and drivers to have a clean and visually attracting helmet. This is how we see our favorite drivers when they’re hard at work inside the racecar. It’s like having a piece of art on your shelf representing your favorite driver.

Not every driver gets a replicate made to sell to fans and only a select amount are made. It makes them a little more of a rare item to have in a collection, but something every fan need a racing helmet.

Jamal Tahirkheli was able to acquire a Chase Elliott Champion replica helmet for his first one!


Let your pride fly high with a driver flag you can fly from the infield that race control can spot or have it as a backdrop for your race cave. The banners & flags have great graphics that are eye popping and give a great representation for your favorite driver.

Some fans camping in the infield of Las Vegas are representing their favorite drivers at the track.

As a NASCAR fan there are many possibilities to find something worth adding to your collection and some unique ones compared to other sports. Some fans have been collecting for a lifetime and have almost a museum of NASCAR collectibles. These are just a few items that every NASCAR fan should have in their collection.

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Picture of Jake Smith

Jake Smith

News Writer for The Daily Downforce.
All Posts