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NASCAR Announces Safety Improvements to Next-Gen Car

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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NASCAR is making safety improvements to the car following the Ryan Preece-Kyle Larson accident in April.

What’s Happening?

NASCAR has announced next-gen car safety improvements to the car to be introduced at Atlanta Motor Speedway in July. According to Matt Weaver, the changes result in a softening of the front clip and a reinforcement of the passenger side of the car. Weaver also reported that teams can be the ones building these new changes on the cars.

  • Further reports from Weaver indicate that NASCAR did real-life crash simulations for this piece. The main big change to the right side of the car is the addition of a steel plate on the door and reinforcements to the roll-bars.
  • This move is in response to a scary accident between Ryan Preece and Kyle Larson at Talladega Superspeedway back in April. During that accident. Preece slammed into the passenger side of Larson’s car, and did an alarming amount of damage to the side of that car.
  • Fans are happy to see these safety changes. However, they are also concerned about the teams being asked to make these changes.

The Main Characters

Matt Weaver goes into more detail about how NASCAR crash-tested to get to these new changes.

NASCAR had announced previously that they were investigating the accident of Preece and Larson, which necessitated these safety changes.

From the Officials

Todd Gordon hosted a video on NASCAR’s YouTube channel that explained the changes and the testing that went into them.

In the Stands

Improving safety is always a good thing.

Cleveland Ethan just wants NASCAR to fix the whole car.

A fair question Ryan Sauer

CPNJigwes is excited to see what happened.

From the Pressbox

Bob Pockrass further explains the changes.

Obviously this is a very necessary change for NASCAR. That incident at Talladega was incredibly scary, and it was definitely in need of some sort of a safety change. This is the safety change needed.

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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