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NASCAR Allows Optional Safety Improvements Following Larson’s Scary Wreck at Dega

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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NASCAR announces safety improvements in reaction to the Kyle Larson Talladega accident.

What’s Happening?

According to Bob Pockrass, NASCAR announced an option for teams to add gusset plates to the roll cage of the car on the passenger side to strengthen the car on impacts. It is unclear yet which teams will run the safety improvements.

  • Bob Pockrass tweeted renderings showing that six gusset plates were added to the passenger side of the car. He added that it does add weight, and teams could probably wait until more testing to put the plates on permanently.
  • This has been a hot topic since Kyle Larson’s crash at Talladega in April. In that incident. Larson’s passenger side caved in causing concern about the strength of the Passenger side roll-cage.
  • Fans are happy to see attempted safety improvements. However there is some speculation of how this could work given the fact that the improvement is optional.

The Main Characters

This is the incident that brought the safety issues to light.

Claire B Lang added more insight into the changes being made.

In the Stands

There is also the added element Pockrass added about there being more testing scheduled.

That does not seem to be on the table currently.

The pieces are provided by NASCAR at no cost to the teams.

It is possible.

From the Pressbox

This may not be the final safety change NASCAR makes.

It is always encouraging to see NASCAR taking initiative when it comes to safety. Given the fact that more testing will occur, it is very likely that NASCAR will make more changes that are likely more permanent.

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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