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Jenson Button Wants a NASCAR Race in Europe

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Jenson Button calls for an international NASCAR Race in a Tuesday press conference.

What’s Happening?

Jenson Button spoke to the media on Tuesday, and, amongst a range of topics, he discussed NASCAR racing in Europe. Specifically, Button said NASCAR could run a race in Europe, but he also mentioned that NASCAR would likely have to be a preliminary-type event to another European racing event according to Matt Weaver of Button also expressed concern over how European fans would perceive NASCAR’s “Aggressive driving” and sheer amount of contact.

  • NASCAR has upped its’ presence in Europe in recent years with the NASCAR Euro Series, and, even more recently with Garage 56 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. NASCAR has never brought its’ top National Touring Series to Europe, with their only international races being Xfinity Series races in Mexico City and Montreal and Truck Series races at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.
  • NASCAR definitely impressed with their Garage 56 entry at Le Mans. Fans were excited to see the car, and it performed better than expected when it came to pure speed. This opened up more conversations about whether or not NASCAR could go international.
  • Fans on social media are generally excited, and they are even offering some race tracks NASCAR could go to. However, some skeptics are unsure about whether or not NASCAR would work in Europe.

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MB believes NASCAR should focus on neglected U.S. markets first.

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On Your Screen

Eric Estepp gave his thoughts on this topic in the most recent Out of the Groove being released today.

From the Pressbox

Matt Weaver discusses concerns about costs of shipping race cars.

NASCAR going international is gaining more and more steam as time goes on. Whether or not Europe is truly an option is yet to be seen, but, with Garage 56, NASCAR needs to capitalize on the most recent hype.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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