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How to Keep Up with NASCAR Races Online

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Just like every other sports league in the world, there is an online aspect and plenty of ways to connect with fellow fans and admire what is going on on and off the track in NASCAR. Just look at the NASCAR Weekly Podcast and everybody involved there!

But regardless, here are our best tips and tricks to follow along every race day, even if it’s not sitting and watching on TV.

NASCAR Discord Server

NASCAR recently opened and started its new Discord server, and it is plentifully busy. Users are able to pick their own favorite driver and join a chat with fans of the same driver, or use a general chat to talk with fans. There is also a voice chat where people can physically talk on a call together.

Furthermore, this includes everyone talking about the races and following along. The commentary fans provide is important for the sport, and this Discord server is a great way to do so. You can join by using this link.

Radio streaming online

One of the best ways to take in a race whenever you can’t watch or be at the track, the radio broadcast paints an excellent picture in your head. MRN, PRN, and Sirius XM, whoever is doing the coverage can be found on the airwaves.

They also have options for streaming online too from their websites. Maybe NASCAR TV coverage will learn from radio broadcasts and follow along one day with streaming of their own. Regardless, this is also a suitable way to take in races without turning on the TV.

Various social medias

Of course, NASCAR Twitter in itself is an adventure but also is a great way to follow along with the races. This includes those in the media, fans at the track, fan commentary, and content creator commentary as well (ourselves included!)

It’s also perhaps the simplest way to follow along with the races along with talking with others. The beauty of social media is exemplified brilliantly when it comes to talking NASCAR with so many others online. You could even start a group chat with some other dedicated NASCAR fans and keep up with them there too.

This includes Reddit, where there’s an entire server dedicated to NASCAR. There is commentary as well, alongside some live stats fans can follow. This is more in-depth than the other options may be but is an excellent choice to delve into for diehard fans. The general Reddit community can be found here, alongside the live scoring and stats here.

NASCAR’s app and website

Finally, straight from the source comes NASCAR’s coverage online. They have their own social media but also have coverage on their app and website. This includes live scoring, and occasional highlights and replays.

While NASCAR RaceDay is sadly no longer a thing, a new feature includes watching the races live from cameras in every car in the race. Fans can pick and choose between their favorite drivers, cars in the midst of an intense battle, the leaders, and many more.

While the best options are to be at a racetrack or sit down for hours in front of the TV to visually take the NASCAR experience in, there are still plenty of other ways to enhance your NASCAR coverage in many other forms.

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Evan Liu

Evan Liu

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