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How do fans feel about new Atlanta?

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Atlanta Motor Speedway put on a tremendously popular race on Sunday night. It was the fourth race on the new configuration for the 1.54 mile track. What did the fans have to say about the racing they saw and the new Atlanta Motor Speedway?

Overall Thoughts on Sunday Night

The race at Atlanta on Sunday night was loved by the vast majority of the NASCAR watching populous. The reasons for why the race was so good varied.

Some qualified that they believed the race was entertaining in large part because of the impending rain. The rain coming in forced the drivers to become more aggressive, which, in turn, made the race that much better. Now, would the race have been that good if the rain was not a factor?

That’s hard to say, and the Xfinity Series race was run on Saturday night with little to no threat of rain. That race produced a much different show, but, then again, the Xfinity Series cars are much different than the Cup cars. That comparison is far from a perfect one.

Some people, most notably David Land on Twitter noted that the impact of handling at Atlanta played a role in it. Handling was much more of a factor in this race than it had been in the past on really any superspeedway race track. Could this have been the thing that caused the race to be as popular as it was?

The fans, pundits, and everyone in between gave their thoughts on the show NASCAR put on in Atlanta.

Around the Garage

Dale Earnhardt Jr. called Atlanta the hottest ticket on the circuit.

Darrell Waltrip called this the best race he’s ever seen.

In the Stands

Christopher Owens sees a big distinction between Atlanta and what is seen at Daytona/Talladega.

Pedrin says that Atlanta will only get better from here.

Corey Givans with that minion amazement.

Ryan Huizdos called the racing UNREAL.

JZH Gaming said that the impending rain was what made this race so good.

On Your Screen

Darian said to blame Mother Nature for the difficult finish.

The question becomes, why is ERIC on Twitter?

Taylor Kitchen called this race the best race of the season.

David Land said that handling mattering is what made the difference.

DannyB mentioned that the rain coming is what caused them to be fighting for most of the race.

From the Pressbox

Jim Utter agreed with comments Dale Earnhardt Jr. made.

Jeff Gluck was running out of adjectives to describe this race.

Pete Pistone called the firs stage the best opening stage of the season.

This was a race that was beloved by many, and it was a bummer to see it shortened by 75 laps. With that being said, “New Atlanta” is going to be fun to watch as the asphalt ages.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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