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Honda Tells NASCAR They Won’t Build A V8

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NASCAR has been trying to get new manufacturers to join the sport for many years now and recently we got some information on what it would take to get new manufacturers in the sport. Brake Hard is here to break down what Honda wants to do if they join NASCAR.

  • NASCAR has been around for 76 years now and throughout all of it pushrod V8s were mostly used, but in today’s era, there are not many racing series that still use those kinds of engines. Is it time for NASCAR to get with the times and use a different engine?
  • If Honda and other manufacturers get what they want, we could see a reality where different manufacturers have differently built engines. Is this movie good for the sport or will it be far too expensive?
  • Back in the day “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday” was a common phrase, but in today’s NASCAR, the Toyota are driving engines that they don’t build in real life and Chevy is racing a Camaro that no longer exists. Do you think manufacturers making their own engine formulas will increase sales in winning manufacturers?

What other manufacturers would you like to see coming to NASCAR? How soon is NASCAR going to transition to hybrids? Let Brake Hard know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment section. 

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