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GTA Online Adds New NASCAR-Type Car to Upcoming San Andreas Mercenaries DLC

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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The new car will likely be featured in the Hotring races, which were also updated as recently as March of this year.

What’s Happening?

With the future of NASCAR gaming in flux, NASCAR fans have to look elsewhere for their NASCAR gaming fix. One such place has become Grand Theft Auto, specifically the Hotring Races, where a new NASCAR-type car has been added to their upcoming DLC.

This new vehicle is in addition to the major updates Rockstar made to the Hotring mode back in March. The new vehicle was featured in the trailer released today for “GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries.”

  • The new stock car features briefly very early in the trailer, and it appears to resemble a Dodge Challenger. It seems to also have splitter braces on it similar to the original COT car from 2007 until 2010.
  • The car will likely be featured in “Hotring Races,” GTA Online’s version of a stock car racing mode. The original release for the hotring races features early 1990s Cup Series inspired stock cars and Craftsman Truck Series inspired stock cars. It’s something for NASCAR fans to grasp onto with the failure of NASCAR 21 Ignition, NASCAR Heat 5 update in flux, and Motorsport Games in shambles.
  • Fans on Reddit were excited to see the new stock car, and just happy to see something related to NASCAR gaming that is new.

This new vehicle will join others like the Declasse Hotring Sabre and the Karin Hotring Everon already present in GTA Online.

The new San Andreas Mercenaries DLC drops next week on Tuesday, June 13. It’s not yet known whether the new NASCAR lookalike will be available at launch or through dripfeed content released later.

In the Stands

Nothing like a COT inspired car.

NASCAR fans they may be.

Don’t we all.

The iconic 22 Discount Tire Challenger that Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski used to Buschwhack with.

ApocApollo wants an IROC car or an SRX car.

One can only imagine.

This piques Dr_Duckdick_DVM’s interest, but he still notes how much of a mess that NASCAR 21 Ignition is.

Under normal sports gaming circumstances, this would be no more than a novelty. However, with NASCAR gaming in a complete state of flux, things like this are exactly what NASCAR gamers are looking for.

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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