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Gragson vs Chastain: According to Daily Downforce Readers

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We put out a tweet yesterday asking who would win between Noah Gragson or Ross Chastain. You guys on social media flooded that tweet with responses, so here are some of the best responses.

In the Stands

Christopher Darling is going with Ross Chastain.

I mean, Chastain never did panic.

That’s not a friendly smile.

I would love to see what the JRM fight school is like.

12 round marathon coming up.

Quicker vs Bigger. Who wins there?

Ethan picks Gragson

Yes we do.


Large emphasis continuing to be put on Chastain smiling.

The Florida man is Ross Chastain

Ultimately, this question is merely an addition to the long line of “What might have been?”

Never tell Ross the odds.

The security guard ended it before it started.

Again, the security guard.

Decisions, Decisions

Final round sponsored by Credit One Bank.

Austin Hill is always lurking.

337 miles between the two places. Is it doable?

Ross Chastain is the Undertaker

Who would win? Ultimately we will never know, but I doubt this is the last we see of Gragson vs Chastain.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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