NASCAR Cup Series – Race No. 21 – 160 laps / 400 miles Pocono Raceway (2.5-mile triangle) – Long Pond, Pa.

Fast Facts for July 13-14, 2024

Tire: Goodyear Eagle 18-inch Speedway Radials

Set limits: Cup – 1 set for practice, 1 set for qualifying and 7 sets for the race (6 race sets plus 1 set transferred from qualifying)

Tire Codes: Left-side — D-5186; Right-side — D-5222

Tire Circumference: Left-side — 2,263 mm (89.09 in.); Right-side — 2,277 mm (89.65 in.)

Minimum Recommended Inflation: Left Front — 20 psi; Left Rear — 22 psi;  Right Front — 40 psi; Right Rear — 38 psi

Storyline – Cup teams face three times the challenges at Pocono: Pocono Raceway is unquestionably one of the most unique race tracks on the NASCAR circuit, challenging teams at every turn . . . all three of them.  Teams must decide how to set up their cars — deferring to one corner of the track or compromising on all of them.  The Pocono triangle has three distinct corners and three different straightaway lengths, along with a relative lack of banking and a bumpy track surface.  Goodyear’s tire set-up is designed to give cars the grip they need while having a construction robust enough handle the track’s demands.

“While Pocono provides a multitude of challenges for Cup teams, one variable they can be comfortable with is our tire set-up,” said Greg Stucker, Goodyear’s director of racing.  “We have run this same combination four times already this season, so teams should have a good notebook built up.  One thing teams tend to do at Pocono is use air pressure as a tuning tool to gain grip.  Our engineers will work with them throughout the weekend to gauge tire performance and ensure they are observing our minimum recommended pressures.”

Notes – Cup teams on popular tire set-up at Pocono: Being 18-inch bead diameter tires, NASCAR Cup teams will run a different tire set-up than those in the NASCAR Xfinity and Craftsman Truck Series at Pocono this week . . . Cup teams are on the same left-side tire they ran at Pocono last season, with a different right-side tire (construction update) . . . they have run this combination of left- and right-side tires at Las Vegas, Texas, Kansas and Nashville already in 2024 . . . with this 18-inch tire, and its lower profile sidewall, NASCAR Cup cars do not run inner liners in any of their tires.


NASCAR Xfinity Series – Race No. 19 – 90 laps / 225 miles NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series – Race No. 14 – 60 laps / 150 miles Pocono Raceway (2.5-mile triangle) – Long Pond, Pa.

Fast Facts for July 12-13, 2024

Tire: Goodyear Eagle 15-inch Speedway Radials

Set limits: Xfinity: 5 sets for the event; Truck: 5 sets for the event

Tire Codes: Left-side — D-6106; Right-side — D-6138

Tire Circumference: Left-side — 2,225 mm (87.60 in.); Right-side — 2,250 mm (88.58 in.)

Minimum Recommended Inflation: Left Front — 18 psi; Left Rear — 18 psi; Right Front — 41 psi; Right Rear — 37 psi

Notes – Different right-side this year for Xfinity, Trucks at Pocono: Being on 15-inch bead diameter tires, NASCAR Xfinity and Craftsman Truck Series teams will run a different tire set-up than those in the Cup Series at Pocono this weekend . . . this is the same left-side tire that these teams ran at Pocono the last two season with a new right-side tire, with what turns out to be a compound change versus 2023 . . . while this is the first time these teams have run this right-side tire code, they have run this left-side at Bristol (Trucks only), Dover (Xfinity only) and Darlington (both series) this season . . . as on all NASCAR ovals greater than one mile in length, Xfinity and Truck teams are required to run liners in all four tire positions at Pocono . . . air pressure in those inner liners should be 12-25 psi greater than that of the outer tire.

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