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From Video Games to Victory Lane: The Rajah Caruth Story (so far)

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Rajah Caruth has been a household name to NASCAR fans over the past couple seasons, but not many know his full story. Having no racing background even into his teenage years, Rajah tells the story of how he turned to iRacing to jumpstart his career, and how he leveraged his opportunities to end up in victory lane.

  • Everyone has a first memory of NASCAR that they can point to when they learn that they love this sport. For Rajah Caruth, it was the movie Cars. What was your first memory of NASCAR?
  • High-pressure moments or something that everyone has to deal with, but the high-pressure moment that Rajah Caruth was put in for his tryout with Rev Racing was crazy. How well do you think you would do in your first time driving a race car?
  • The most important part of the video’s title is the “so far” in parentheses because we know that this is just the start of his career. What do you think is Rajah Caruth’s potential?

Are you a fan of Raja? Do you think he’s a future champion? Let DJ Vee-J know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment section. 

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