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From Pokémon to NASCAR w/ John Rizzo

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Since he was a child, John Rizzo has had two major loves, content creation and NASCAR. He’s merged both of those into a very unique role with The Daily Downforce. John enjoys a unique workflow that includes a lot of collaboration with his YouTube videos, and his humor makes for a lot of entertaining moments. Get to know the face of Daily Downforce YouTube, John Rizzo.

Background on John Rizzo

John Rizzo was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and he grew up with three major loves, NASCAR, Pokemon, and content creation. Rizzo often tagged along with his mom to a local radio station, and he wanted to follow in her footsteps. However, his mother encouraged him to pursue YouTube, which John had already started at age 12, making videos about the Nintendo video game series, Pokemon.

He also grew up a big NASCAR fan, growing fond of Jeff Gordon and the flamed-24 car during the 2007 season where Gordon won 6 races. Rizzo loved NASCAR at the time, but, he soon found out that NASCAR and content creation could merge into an career path.

One day, John stumbled across the Daily Downforce through an Eric Estepp video. Seeing the need for content creators at the site, Rizzo quickly applied, and he was later brought onto the team. He uploaded his first short in July of 2023, with his first video entitled “What Will the 2024 NASCAR Schedule Be Like?” hit YouTube later that September.

John has since become the face of the Daily Downforce on YouTube with weekly long-form video uploads and shorts every weekday. He covers all of the hottest topics in the world of NASCAR, while having some fun and bringing in some humor along the way.

Watch John’s Latest Video for the Daily Downforce:

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