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Frankie Muniz Will Continue Racing in 2024

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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Mark Kristl reports that Muniz's racing opportunities are up in the air, but Muniz does clarify that he expects to drive.

What’s Happening?

Mark Kristl of Frontstretch reported that Frankie Muniz’s current racing season has yet to be fully-funded, but Muniz has a ride for 2024. Muniz commented on the thread saying that he will be racing next season, but he is unsure where and when.

  • The “Malcolm in the Middle” star is in the midst of his first season in the ARCA Menards Series. Muniz has quietly had success and currently sits second in the season’s points standings behind Jesse Love. Muniz’s lone non-top-10 finish of the season came at Daytona, where he still finished a solid 11th.
  • Muniz’s situation is not uncommon throughout all levels of motorsports. Many drivers take time to find funding and sponsorships for their seasons, and Muniz is no different. It has been a point of contention amongst some.
  • Fans on social media are generally pretty supportive of Muniz. They like the obvious passion he has for racing, and they want to see him succeed.

In the Stands

Zachary Harris says a move up to Front Row is an option.

Evan is looking forward to Muniz in 2024.

Cultural_Cobbler9753 is still coming to terms with Muniz racing it seems.

PsweetJ101 is happy that Muniz seems genuinely excited to race.

HalfastEddie compares Frankie Muniz to Paul Newman

BobcatBob26 says both Muniz and Hallie Deegan move up.

Batmaneatscake says Muniz is a likeable person.

wyattizer talked about how the current payouts of Arca make it difficult nowadays.

Frankie Muniz is quite a unique story. Hopefully he can find his way into a competitive race team once again next year. He has talent, and he has earned his place in professional stock car racing.

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

All Posts

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