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Fans Respond to the Lack of NASCAR Superstars

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Last week, we wrote a piece reacting to Elite Precision 29’s take on the lack of superstars in NASCAR. The fans chimed in with their own takes on the lack of superstars in NASCAR.

What did the fans have to say about the lack of superstardom in NASCAR?

Driver Personalities

Some fans looked at NASCAR’s personalities or lack thereof. Some felt that drivers had personalities, but it seems that they are not allowed to show them. Others felt that some drivers just do not have the personalities that other drivers have.

Lugnut says that letting Ross Chastain be could produce a superstar.

Stephen Mallozzi says that it comes down to personalities.

Scott M wants NASCAR drivers to do things during the week.

Andy Miller points the finger squarely at Chase Elliott

Kylie says that NASCAR should better push their personalities.

Driver Marketing

Some people think that it is all down to how NASCAR markets the drivers. The personalities of the drivers are there and very prevalent, however, they just are not pushing into the mainstream like others are.

These fans also point out specific drivers that NASCAR should look at pushing.

Wyatt says that there needs to be more efforts in marketing the drivers.

Mingo says that NASCAR already has personalities, but they have not been marketed properly.

GSX says to market the big personality drivers like Ross Chastain and Kyle Busch.

Excellent Will says that better commercials can help tremendously.

@b87790 thinks that promoting the current drivers rather than past ones will help.

Craig McCutcheon talk more about promoting drivers.

9 Guy says that NASCAR can market better with commercials.

Hot Takes

Some people gave more abstract takes on the topic. The feelings vary from how the modern parity of the sport affects NASCAR’s superstar marketability to completely revamping NASCAR’s feeder system.

carnation says that NASCAR cannot market superstars with the parity currently in the sport.

Ron points out the lack of a single sponsor on cars could be playing a factor.

Tony Geras also looks at parity in NASCAR

Indianapolis Car Racing says that superstars happen when they happen.

Bagleysleftknee says that NASCAR’s feeder system needs to change.

NASCAR’s superstar issues definitely play a role in NASCAR’s decline over the past few years. Is there a way that NASCAR can bring these drivers back to superstar status?

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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