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Fans React to NASCAR Tracks that Could Gain or Lose a Date in 2024

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Last weekend, we discussed which NASCAR tracks could be in danger of losing a date, or could be able to gain a date in 2024. The Daily Downforce readers gave their own opinions as well! Which race tracks did they feel should have been a part of this list?

Fans got very creative with some of their responses. Some of them added new venues that may not have been previously considered. Other discussed taking away dates from tracks with two dates already on the schedule.

It opens up a brand new discussion about whether or not any race tracks should have two races on the schedule. The fans of NASCAR clearly want multiple different new venues in the series. However, others even elected to add a third date to some other race tracks on the schedule.

Could a NASCAR track sustain a third race date? It’s been tried before, but it’s exceptionally rare as time goes on. The last track to do so was Riverside in 1981.

Regardless of all of that, here is some of what the fans had to say about the conundrum facing NASCAR.

In the Stands

Only one race at Daytona, Talladega, Darlington, and Charlotte. Two races at Texas and Sonoma? Three races at Richmond and Atlanta?

Matt Dyer has put together his perfect NASCAR schedule.

The Indianapolis Road Course AND The Indianapolis Oval? That’s kind of cool.

Some interesting changes for Asteroid, including Bristol Dirt being the All-Star Race and a Brickyard Doubleheader.

Imagine Watkins Glen being a Playoff race? That would be a cool atmosphere.

Taking out Atlanta? Bold move by Chad Frankenfield.

The return of the Pocono doubleheader?

Tracks like Pocono and New Hampshire tend to do better attendance wise since they’ve had only one date.

Montreal and Mexico City added to the schedule? That means three countries for the Cup Series calendar.

Radical changes here for Cynon44.

Ian, you do not want to race in Montreal in February, I promise you that.

Some minor changes for kesegoatski.

Devin Olson loves his collaboration weekends.

Tony C with some pretty interesting schedule Changes including a date swap of Daytona nd Atlanta.

Ben Williams says that only five race tracks should have multiple dates per year.

Josh White wants to get rid of a lot of second dates.

Long Beach?

Imagine a Chicago Street Race/Chicagoland Speedway doubleheader?

HighLine29 Designs with some major changes.

The Clash on the Charlotte Quarter-Mile track?

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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