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Fans React to NASCAR Full Speed on Netflix

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Article Contents

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What’s Happening?

NASCAR Full Speed is now out, and the current jury of how successful it was is the fans. Today, we showcase all of the best fan reactions to NASCAR Full Speed, from what they loved to what they did not love.

  • NASCAR Full Speed is a 5-part Netflix docuseries about the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs. Each episode is around or just a bit more than 45 minutes in length.
  • The series has been long awaited by NASCAR fans. Ever since the success of Formula One: Drive to Survive, NASCAR fans have been looking for a NASCAR docuseries.
  • Fans generally liked the docuseries for multiple reasons. However, there were a few fans who had some nitpicks on the show.

The Fans Who Liked It

Generally speaking, fans liked the docuseries. Many fans praised various elements of the series including the drivers, behind-the-scenes, and even some of the experts showcasing the sport.

Charles Krall loved seeing Marty Smith return to covering NASCAR, something he has not done since ESPN left the sport.

Kimberly called the docuseries, “Spectacular”.

Eric particularly loved seeing Tyler Reddick and Dale Earnhardt Jr. talk about Peppe Pig and Frozen

Zach Sullivan wants to see MORE of this type of NASCAR content.

Rob Braun feels this was much better than the USA docuseries that came out.

Gerald McDornan specifically liked seeing behind-the-scenes insights into Denny Hamlin.

Rusty Walrus calls Denny Hamlin the “Main character” of the sport.

NASCARWoman gives a message to NASCAR fans to help grow the sport.

Ryan Holman says the docuseries gave him chills.

Kevin from Va says that this can appeal to both old and new NASCAR fans.

Phil Spain hopes that they could do a series on a full season sometime soon.

The Fans Who Didn’t Like It

Despite all of the praise, some fans were not impressed. Some fans did not like that the series was so short, and others did not like that the series started at race 26. Some fans did not like certain aspects of the docuseries.

Erik Zarins believes that 5 episodes are too short, especially considering they skipped almost the entire regular season.

Frankie Dodd did not like that the series emphasized certain drivers that were not a factor in the final 4.

Zack did not like the name of the docuseries.

Sarah Scott believes that Denny Hamlin has way too much screen time. She mentioned it not only once, but twice!

Wevil did not like the font used during the Playoff standings graphics. It is indeed very boring.

Horselord believes this was just a glorified NASCAR Radioactive.

carnation believes that the docuseries was MID. Now, this did come out 6 minutes after it was released, so, maybe this was sarcastic.


Content creators and those involved in the industry made some comments on the docuseries. These individuals were very complimentary of the series.

Andrew Kurland of Dirty Mo Media has pride in the sport because of the docuseries.

Brake Hard was particularly impressed with the first two episodes.

DannyBTalks said this was better than USA just slightly into episode 1.

nascarcasm was happy to be watching TV for a work-related purpose at work.

Black Mamba is clearly a fan, and he could not wait to watch it.

Eric Estepp believed the first episode was a “Strong introduction”, and he feels that Denny Hamlin is NASCAR’s star.

Cole Custer says that this docuseries will get fans pumped for the season.

Freddie Kraft likes the fact that William Byron is a listener to his podcast “Door, Bumper, Clear”.

Daniel McFadin was particularly fascinated with the second-place championship trophy.


Like any modern media, memes are made out of random moments. From NASCAR Full Speed, the most prominent meme was Bubba Wallace’s crew chief, Bootie Barker, telling the Netflix crew “I guess I lied to your ass”.

Phil Spain thought this was a perfect opportunity to make a Days of Thunder meme.

23XI Racing joined the meme game, specifically mentioning Tyler Reddick in his Luigi costume.

NASCAR Memes used the Bootie Barker meme to talk about fixing the Playoff system.

The docuseries, NASCAR Full Speed was definitely a hit amongst those on social media. It garnered a lot of reaction amongst NASCAR fans. The question is, will there be a season 2?

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Joshua Lipowski

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