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Fans React: Should Every Track Have Lights?

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Earlier this week, we posed the question about whether or not a race track should have lights. Like always, the Daily Downforce readers gave their opinions on whether or not tracks should have lights.

There are two major camps that these people are in. Some people want every race track to have lights, especially with races starting later and later. They feel that it only makes sense for race tracks to have lights and allow for night racing in the right instances.

However, others said no to every track having lights. Some feel that it is just not feasible for every race track to have lights, but others feel that more lights do not solve the problem. Some feel that starting the races at an earlier time is a better solution than just putting lights up.

There is a bit of nuance to this yes or no question, and here is how the fans responded.

Yes to Lights at Every Track

C-Rad48 says that as long as races start later, lights should be at every race track.

Cynthia McCune says that every track should have lights.

cody says that having lights allows for options to run more races at night, whether that be regular night races or the ability to finish races at night.

Devin Cook would like a night race at Sonoma or Watkins Glen.

Austin Clark wants to see Talladega consistently at night.

David up on the roof says that ever Indianapolis should have lights.

Bradley Thomas gives four specific tracks that should have lights.

Matt Reid says that there should be no debate about whether or not a track should have lights.

No to Lights at Every Track

Greg Hartman says that it is too expensive, and that race times need to be changed as a result.

Brad says that races need to start earlier than they currently do.

Champa Bay Beast asks the question that everyone is asking, Who is footing the bill?

Massive RaceFan calls lights at every race track impossible,

Gamer’s Holy Army says that it simply cannot happen.

jsz0 says that it is a waste of money to add lights.

In an ideal world, it seems that many would like to see lights on all race tracks. However, it is not the only solution it seems to races being postponed or cancelled. Maybe one day there will be lights at every race track.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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