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Fans React: Should Cup Drivers Compete in Lower Divisions?

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Cup Series regulars dominated the Xfinity Series race this past weekend at Sonoma leading 72 of 79 laps with Aric Almirola winning. In response to this, very own Matt Smith put together a piece asking whether or not Cup Series drivers should be running in the lower series at all.

The piece seemed to hit a nerve with NASCAR fans, as over 100 people replied to the Tweet. What do the Daily Downforce readers think about the idea of Cup drives in lower series?

In the Stands

Alex Bowman did miss a Truck Series race at Circuit of the Americas this year, so Cup guys already risk DNQs.

Magic Mike thinks the limits are already good.

MzVicky does not see a problem with the current limitations.

Kenny thinks the restrictions are fine, but there should be some minor changes.

Keith Colley Clem wonders whether or not the Cup drivers help sell tickets at these races?

Sam says that it is not good to overreact after one race.

Tyler Evans says that Cup drivers should be limited to teams lower in the points standings.

Dakota Camper says that the series was better when Cup drivers would run the full season.

HighLine 29 Designs says that beating Cup Series drivers shows Xfinity Series drivers’ talent levels.

JM Graphics says that Cup drivers driving is good for Xfinity Series drivers.

Jeremy says that it depends on whether or not the series races on similar type tracks to Cup.

Donivan Warren says that less companion weekend would solve the problem.

rtc1485 says that this is considerably better than the old “buschwacker” days.

Tyler Puszczewicz says that Aric Almirola is not the same as others.

SOnya says it should be up to drivers.

Kyle Funderburk says that the Xfinity Series and Truck Series should be more than just support series.

evanchap says there are already enough limits.

It seems fans generally are okay with Cup guys running with certain limitations. Some believe the issue is bigger than Cup guys running Xfinity, and others think that there should be absolutely no limitations. Last weekend was definitely enough to re-open the conversation, but it’s still not as extreme as it was years ago.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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