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Fans React: Jordan Bianchi Reports Where Big Players Stand in Silly Season

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NASCAR Reddit was busy on Thursday after Jordan Bianchi dropped some major Silly season rumors on Sirius XM NASCAR Radio. Aside from the already rumored story about Stewart-Haas Racing selling charters and Aric Almirola and Smithfield potentially leaving the team, other players were mentioned. Zane Smith may not join SHR if they switch manufacturers, and Carson Hocevar may be the favorite for the 77 Spire Motorsports car with the JRM 8 car having an Xfinity driver.

Are you with me still? Good.

These are all some pretty big drops for NASCAR Silly Season, and they also bring some mystery to the table. Stewart-Haas Racing selling charters means that there are only two drivers who potentially could stay with the team. Reddit had their thoughts on which drivers should stay at SHR and whether or not SHR selling charters is really what they need.

Carson Hocevar has been an interesting free agent this year since his solid performance in the Cup Series at Gateway. The 8 car at JRM was a popular choice for Hocevar given that he was in the Truck Series, and Xfinity is his next logical step. However, his connection to Spire and the lack of performance for Ty Dillon makes that 77 seat an intriguing spot.

As for JRM, who would fill the number 8 car? Bianchi reports that it is someone already in the Xfinity Series, so that narrows the pool of drivers a little bit. Reddit users debated who the driver of the number eight could be given the current situation.

What did the fans have to say about these silly season rumors?

Stewart-Haas Racing

GrantD24 says that a bunch of money could solve all of the problems that SHR has.

RWStewart93 is looking toward a two car SHR team including Chase Briscoe and Josh Berry.

AnotherRyRy is asking who is really in the market for charters? He notes that SHR could be stuck with two charters next season if the market works out the way he thinks it may.

Difficult-Resolve-59 says that Stewart-Haas Racing has always been a two car team of sorts.

MrForchevski says that going down to 2 cars is much needed for SHR.

mustangs-and-macs has a timeline for how this charter business works out.

JRM 8 Car

Reb4Ham is one of many who is looking for Jeffrey Earnhardt to join the eight car.

CzarHay feels that Jeffrey has earned a chance to drive the JRM car.

Fridgus Domin8or is looking at Kyle Weatherman in the JRM 8 car. Weatherman has been a journeyman driver for years.

NuthinNation0 has a few drivers that JRM could look to in the Xfinity Series.

crypto6g gives some more options for the JRM 8 car.

Riley Herbst in the 8 car will elicit a very reasonable reaction from the fanbase.

Carson Hocevar

Billy_BigButt says that Hocevar to Spire would be “career suicide”.

MrForchevski says that this depends on the Andretti buy-in. If this happens, then it could be a good move for Hocevar.

NWDrive called the move to the 77 mind-boggling.

With all of these silly season nuggets going around, it will be interesting to see how everything works out. Is it possible that everything could work out differently than what people originally thought?

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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