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Fans on Reddit Share Their Favorite NASCAR Conspiracy Theories

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Ahhh…conspiracy theories. Some are funny, while some are ridiculous, and others are scary. NASCAR is not immune to such conspiracy theories, and NASCAR Reddit put together a bunch of them. Here are all of the best NASCAR Conspiracy theories.

Which ones are believable? Which ones are just plain funny? A disclaimer that just because we say a theory believable does not mean we believe it. This is all for fun…or is it?


I would love to see a scientific experiment on the vortex theory. It held off the rain at Atlanta for a while, until NASCAR ran around under caution.

Hey, could they convince the teams that losing horsepower is a good idea? It was at the desire of the drivers and the teams.

The fact that the man who literally invented power steering is not in the Hall of Fame makes zero sense. NASCAR also kicked him out of the Daytona 500 one time for driving a 7/8 scale model of a Chevy Chevelle.

This is one of NASCAR’s oldest conspiracy theories.

Ahh…The classic debris caution conspiracy theory.


SMT data was released of the Larson crash. Nice try eferver. Also, ESPN did show the best angle of the Elliott Sadler crash that they had.

The race was in commercial, and there was a camera that caught the crash. Nice try Gingerwilliamson.

Or, race teams simply make absolutely sure to give their Championships 4 drivers the best equipment for the Championship race? In that case, is it a conspiracy theory, or just strategy.

I know most people are joking when they say this, but this theory is frankly outdated.

Kurt Busch still led on the ensuing restart, so he had every effort to win that race. However, the debris was never shown during the live race broadcast for this race.


14 + 4 + 41 + 10 = NICE!

All I’m saying is that Carl Edwards was the most fit driver in the garage.

He did wear an open faced helmet, so, there could be something to this.

Some of these conspiracy theories are just good old fun. Ultimately you never know everything that happens, so speculation is technically allowed. No matter hoe ridiculous some people’s theories become.

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