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Fans Give Their Take on How Much Blame Gustafson Deserves for the Elliott Mishap

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On Monday, we posed the question to the Daily Downforce readers, how much blame does Alan Gustafson deserve for Elliott running out of fuel at Watkins Glen? The fans gave their thoughts on the situation.

On one hand, some put the blame squarely on Gustafson’s shoulders for what happened. At the end of the day, he is the crew chief, and he must take accountability for what happens with his race team. He is the one who made those calculations with his team, and he did not take certain factors into account.

On another hand, this was far from the only thing that went wrong on Sunday or all season. Gustafson is just one person, and it could entirely be the fault of someone else on the race team. It’s a team sport at the end of the day, and many people made mistakes to allow this to happen.

All on Alan Gustafson

Richard Littlefield says it would be wrong to not blame Alan Gustafson for the incident.

Bonne Colliins says that this is what Gustafson gets paid for.

Imperfect used the process of elimination to put this on Alan Gustafson.

Nicholas Bianco says that this ultimately falls on Alan Gustafson.

Ryan Todd 24ever says that changes need to be made before Daytona.

Jeff Fogle said the call was all on Gustafson, but he does not feel it made a big difference.

Connor Stoll puts it all on Gustafson

Jake Anderson said that it’s on Gustafson.

Not All on Alan Gustafson

Kevin Moon seems to insinuate that the season as a whole is on the team as a whole.

Trent Morrison says that Watkins Glen is on Gustafson, but Elliott is largely responsible for the situation he finds himself in.

Brandon Hitchcock says this is on the team.

Robert Walsh says that this is cumulatively on more than just Gustafson.

Garrett J. Langer says that it does not matter who is ultimately to blame because Elliott was not good enough all year to win a championship.

Patrick Hill says that it is down to just an off-kilter season for Elliott.

Spence Thompson says that it is down to just the team having a bad year.

Janeen Walsh says that it is down to more than just Gustafson

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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