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Fans Answer: If You Could Time Travel To Any Race, What Would You Do?

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What if time travel existed? Where would you go? Would you travel to the future and see your future, or go to the past and tell past you not to make those silly mistakes you made when you were young?

If you’re a NASCAR fan, you may think about going back to watch a NASCAR race. Maybe it’s a race that you look back on fondly, or it’s a historic race that you did not get to see. Either way, NASCAR Reddit asked that question, and here are some of the best responses.

1992 Hooters 500

Richard Petty’s last race along with Jeff Gordon’s first race. The incredible championship battle between Alan Kulwicki, Bill Elliott, and Davey Allison. Truly one of the most incredible races in NASCAR history.

PayPals Enemy called it “The stuff of legend”

Great may be an understatement from jdanton14.

1969 Talladega 500

In a little-known fact is that Richard Brickhouse’s win was highly disputed. Jim Vandiver, second place finisher, contested that Brickhouse was one lap down, and that a scoring error determined the finish. Video of the race does not exist, so, the controversy will remain shrouded in mystery for a while.

Is the controversy what keeps the 1969 Talladega race so interesting to many fans?

2003 Carolina Dodge Dealers 400

Nothing quite like the closest finish in NASCAR history. The incredible battle between Kurt Busch and Rick Craven, and Craven came from three seconds back in the closing laps to get the win.

In response to “Have you ever?”

WhoDeysaThinkin simply says yessssss!

2016 Ford 400

The day that Jimmie Johnson won his seventh championship. Also, the day that Carl Edwards saw his third great shot at a Championship slip through his fingers. A heartbreaking loss for one, but a triumphant victory for another.

69stangrestomod has a diabolical plan to stop Joey Logano from spinning out Carl Edwards.

Wild Card Entries

Some fans elected to go for some different races in NASCAR history. Some go back to these races for more personal motives.

Vergenbuurg wants to get a clear photo of the car that won the first NASCAR Cup Series race.

therago1456 wants to go to Talladega in the 1990s so that he can compare to today.

PeartheLegend wants to see the last caution-free race in the modern era.

The_Reelest had multiple different races they chose from.

Imagine running around Daytona in 2019 claiming Justin Haley would win.

Multiple answers for Mr7dr2114.

This user had multiple choices based on different reasons, from his personal fandom to NASCAR as a whole.

Specialist-Two2068 decided to go for races at tracks NASCAR does not race at anymore.

The most boos ever heard? Wow, Earnhardt was not very popular on that night.

There are plenty of races that fans would love to go back to if they had the chance to. Time travel may never happen, but we can dream, can’t we?

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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