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Everything We Know About Shane Van Gisbergen’s 2024 NASCAR Schedule

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What’s Happening?

Shane Van Gisbergen will be a busy driver in 2024. On the Gypsy Tales Podcast, SVG announced that he plans on racing between 30 and 40 races in 2024, mainly in Xfinity and Cup. He also mentioned when he hopes to be in the Cup Series full-time.

You Need to Know:

  • SVG joins NASCAR in 2024 on a development deal with Trackhouse. The deal was announced in September, but no specifics were given on how many races or which races SVG would run in 2024.
  • SVG burst onto the NASCAR scene in the Chicago Street Race in July. He won his first race as a part of Trackhouse’s “Project 91”, and he came back at Indianapolis with another top-10 finish.
  • Fans are excited to see SVG’s plans for 2024. Whatever races he does, he will be an interesting driver to watch in 2024.

What SVG Had to Say

SVG dove into some detail, but not much regarding his 2024 plans. However, he indicated that he has a good idea of what he will do in 2024.

I kind of know what I’m doing, but not fully announced or confirmed yet but, I’ll end up hopefully doing 30 races or even 40 if I get enough mixed classes, but it’ll be mainly in the Xfinity Series but a lot of Cup races and maybe some Truck stuff too.

SVG on Gypsy Tales Podcast

It seems SVG will be doing a little bit of everything in 2024. He will run around as many races as a full-time NASCAR season plus maybe some extra. He also mentioned his timeline for getting into the Cup Series.

[2024] is just an experience year so I’m ready for hopefully 2025 when I’m in the Cup Series full-time I’m ready to go and understand what’s happening every week.

SVG on Gypsy Tales Podcast

2025 is the current plan for SVG’s first full-time Cup Series season. With that goal in mind, SVG has a lot to learn, and he admitted that on the podcast. This raises the question, which races will SVG run in 2024?

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Which Races Will He Run?

We’ve already taken a look at which races we would love to see SVG do, but which races will he actually do? His interview indicated that he will race mainly in Xfinity with some Cup and Trucks mixed in.

With his goal to run 30-40 races next season, any Xfinity Series race is fair game for SVG. It’s possible he could run half or maybe even two-thirds of the schedule. He needs to improve on ovals, so he will likely run a lot of oval races in the Xfinity Series.

In the Cup Series, any road course is fair game for SVG. He proved at Chicago that he can win in the Cup Series on a road course.

The question becomes, which ovals will he run? Typically open cars tend to enter the “Crown Jewel” oval events with big payouts, so that makes the Daytona 500 and the Coca-Cola 600 obvious candidates. However, Trackhouse has not announced a third car for Daytona, at least not yet. Regardless of that, SVG will likely run a few oval races in 2024 in the Cup Series.

In the Truck Series, Trackhouse has a relationship with Niece Motorsports through Ross Chastain. SVG ran for Niece at IRP in 2023. If Niece has an open seat in their All-Star Car, SVG may race for them here or there. By SVG’s own admission, however, running in the Truck Series is a “Maybe”.

SVG’s 2024 plans are slowly being revealed. Which races will SVG run in 2024?

**This article will be updated as SVG announces his 2024 plans.

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