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Every NASCAR Race Track’s Last Repave

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Article Contents

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What’s Happening?

Sonoma Raceway is currently undergoing its first full repave since the early 2000s. With the repave of Sonoma, it got us thinking about how long it has been since every other NASCAR Cup Series track has been repaved. Here is a list of every NASCAR track’s last repave.

  • For this list, we will focus on the NASCAR Cup Series tracks for the 2024 season.
  • Some tracks have had partial repaves done, but not a full repave. We will consider both on this list.
  • Fans dread repaves, but, they love old, worn-out surfaces. This list shows which tracks are set for a repave shortly.

Atlanta Motor Speedway

Last Full Repave: 2022

Atlanta Motor Speedway had its first full repave in 25 years before the 2022 season. This reconfigured the track into the modern drafting-style superspeedway we know today. 

Bristol Motor Speedway

Last Full Repave: 2007

Last Partial Repve: 2012

Bristol Motor Speedway underwent a major reconfiguration in 2007 to put in progressive banking at the facility. In 2012, Bristol reconfigured again by shaving the extra banking off the top of the track to make the track like it once was.

Charlotte Motor Speedway

Last Repave: 2006

Charlotte Motor Speedway underwent a repave in 2006 after two caution-fests in 2005. Since then, the track has held up well, and it has become a popular race track on the Cup Series calendar.

Chicago Street Race

Last Partial Repave: 2023

The City of Chicago repaved certain parts of the Street Course before the 2023 race. This is commonplace for many street races.

Circuit of the Americas

Last Partial Repave: 2022 and 2024

Circuit of the Americas received some complaints following the Formula One United States Grand Prix in 2021 and 2023. As a result, COTA resurfaced partially in 2021, and it was reported that the track was looking at another repave after the 2023 season.

Darlington Raceway

Last Full Repave: 2008

Last Partial Repave: 2021

Darlington Raceway resurfaced its old race track in 2008. The track has aged significantly since then, but, turn two was resurfaced before the 2021 season began. As a result, a darker strip of asphalt is on the track in turn two.

Daytona International Speedway

Last Full Repace: 2011

Last Partial Repave: 2012

After the 2010 Daytona 500 was halted for a pothole, the track was repaved before the 2011 season. The 2012 Daytona 500 saw the infamous jet dryer fire burn up the surface in turn three. As a result, that strip was repaved before the 2012 season, and the track has not had any issues since.

Dover Motor Speedway

Last Full Repave: 1995

Dover Motor Speedway reconfigured from asphalt to concrete before the 1995 season. One of the benefits of concrete is its’ durability, and the track has not been repaved since that 1995 season.

Homestead-Miami Speedway

Last Full Repave: 2003

Homestead-Miami Speedway was reconfigured three times within its first decade. The most recent reconfiguration in 2003 is the surface the track still has. The track now has progressive banking from 18-20 degrees.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Last Full Repave: 2004

Indianapolis Motor Speedway last fully resurfaced in 2004, and track president Doug Boles teased at a soon repave in 2018. However, the track has held off on repaving for now.

Iowa Speedway

Last Full Repave: Never, built in 2006

Iowa Speedway is one of two tracks on the circuit to have its’ original surface. The 2024 race on an old surface should prove to be an interesting show for the NASCAR Cup Series.

Kansas Speedway

Last Full Repave: 2012

After just over a decade on the old surface, Kansas Speedway was reconfigured in 2012. It added progressive banking similar to Homestead-Miami Speedway, and the track hosted two of the best races of the 2023 season.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Last Full Repave: 2007

Originally a relatively flat race track, Las Vegas was revamped in 2007 to put in 24-degree banks. The surface has stayed the same since.

Martinsville Speedway

Last Full Repave: 2004

Martinsville Speedway was repaved in 2004 after Jeff Gordon’s car was damaged by a chunk of concrete in turn three during the spring race. The track is the only permanent one on the circuit to have two separate surfaces, asphalt on the straightaways and concrete in the turns.

Michigan International Speedway

Last Full Repave: 2012

Michigan International Speedway repaved its’ pit road in 2011, followed be the entire track in 2012. The track was once known for its’ wide-racing groove and 5-wide restarts, but the groove narrowed up after the repave.

Nashville Superspeedway

Last Full Repave: Never, Built in 2001

Nashville joins Iowa as the only track on the circuit with the original surface. Nashville is a concrete surface, so, the track should stay the same for a long time to come. Dover has lasted for almost three decades, and Nashville has lasted since 2001.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Last Full Repave: 2005

New Hampshire Motor Speedway was last repaved in 2005. Since it opened, there have been no major changes to the layout, so, it is basically the same track as it was when it opened in 1990.

North Wilkesboro Speedway

Last Full Repave: 2024

North Wilkesboro Speedway had the oldest track surface on the circuit in 2023, and many of the patchwork on the surface played a role in the lackluster All-Star Race in 2023. The track has been fully repaved for 2024, so, can that improve the show?

Phoenix Raceway

Last Full Repave: 2011

Phoenix Raceway was repaved in 2011 for the first time in its then nearly four-decade history. The repave added in progressive banking in both turns and the asphalt underneath the dogleg. This caused the crazy restarts we now see at Phoenix.

Pocono Raceway

Last Full Repave: 2012

Pocono Raceway was repaved in 2012, but, no major changes were made to the actual racing surface. Some safety enhancements were made, however, with grass down the two back straightaways removed.

Richmond Raceway

Last Full Repave: 2004

Richmond Raceway was known for its’ shiny black sealer in the early 2000s. In 2004, the track was fully resurfaced, and that surface remains on the track to this day. The track has become known for heavy tire wear.

Sonoma Raceway

Last Full Repave: 2024

Sonoma Raceway is going through its’ first full resurfacing in two decades. No major reconfigurations are planned.

Talladega Superspeedway

Last Full Repave: 2006

Talladega Superspeedway repaved its’ aging track surface in 2006. The old surface was bumpy, and the new surface is starting to show its’ age as well we time goes on.

Texas Motor Speedway

Last Full Repave: 2017

Texas Motor Speedway has perhaps the most controversial repave on this list. In 2017, banking in turns one and two was reduced and the track was widened. The result was a one-groove surface that has yet to fully widen out.

Watkins Glen International

Last Full Repave: 2016

Watkins Glen International underwent a full resurfacing in 2016. The track was not reconfigured in any major way.

World Wide Technology Raceway

Last Full Repave: 2017

World Wide Technology Raceway was repaved in 2017 before the IndyCar race weekend at the track. This was the first repave in the track’s history.

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