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Every Major Noah Gragson Off-Track Incident of His Career

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Noah Gragson is still indefinitely suspended by NASCAR after he allegedly liked an insensitive social media post. It’s not the first time that Gragson has had incidents off the race track either. What are some of the major incidents that Gragson has gotten caught up in off of the race track?

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Kentucky 2020 Xfinity Series: Gragson Fights Harrison Burton

Late in the second race of a Kentucky Speedway doubleheader, Gragson pushed Harrison Burton up the track and into the wall. Both drivers found each other post-race, and it quickly advanced just past a shouting match. Burton shoved and the two eventually fought to the ground before being broken up.

Understandable frustration for sure between two drivers post-race after battling hard. However, this would not be the last fight that Gragson would get into in the Xfinity Series.

Atlanta 2021 Xfinity Series: Gragson Fights Daniel Hemric

During the spring race at Atlanta in 2021, Gragson and Hemric tangled on pit road. Both drivers tried to negotiate around the tight pit road, and Gragson ended up backing up into Hemric’s pit stall. Hemric was hot and the two came together after the race.

As Gragson was doing a post-race interview with PRN, Hemric came out of nowhere and tried to tackle Gragson. The two were eventually separated, and Gragson was once again in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Phoenix 2022 Xfinity Series: Gragson Calls Out Ty Gibbs

The 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series season was primarily a battle between Ty Gibbs and Noah Gragson. The two had their run-ins, but Gibbs made headlines for wrecking teammate Brandon Jones out of the Playoffs at Martinsville. Gragson called out Gibbs after the race, calling the move a “Dirtbag move”.

This continued into the following week where Gragson would call out Gibbs to the press after the Championship race where Gibbs won the Championship with Gragson in second. In his post-race interview with NBC, Gragson simply said, amongst other things, “It definitely sucks to lose to someone like that”.

Kansas 2023: Gragson Fights Ross Chastain

Despite not running well in the NASCAR Cup Series in 2023, Gragson has still found ways to make headlines. At Kansas, he was run into by Ross Chastain, who was seemingly public enemy number 1 by NASCAR drivers at the time. This also followed the two getting together while racing for the win at Talladega.

Gragson decided that enough was enough, and he confronted Chastain after the race. Gragson went on to grab Chastain before Chastin threw a punch. The two were quickly separated, but Gragson seemed to speak for many drivers as he went to confront Chastain.

Dover 2023: Gragson Gets a Bowl Cut after a Bet

On the more interesting side of things, Gragson showed up at Dover Motor Speedway with a bowl cut. He lost a bet to Austin Dillon, and Gragson showed off his new haircut to the NASCAR fans on FOX before practice. This definitely falls into the more humorous side of things, but Gragson has been known for some interesting haircuts.

As he mentioned in the interview, he once had a mullet while running in the Xfinity Series. The bowl cut seemed to be step two of the strange Gragson haircuts.

Gragson has made headlines for some of the wrong reasons and some just weird reasons. This most recent incident is likely his most costly, however. There is no telling if or when he will be back in a Cup Series car.

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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