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Eckes Wins Stage 2; Riggs and Gray Go For Spins

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What’s Happening?

Heading into the second stage, around 15 trucks stayed out, gambling on a little bit of strategy. One of those trucks was race leader and stage 1 winner Christain Eckes.

This second stage, like the first, was slated for 50 laps and we got our second caution for incident before reaching lap 20 in the stage. The incident would occur as Matt Crafton’s No. 88 would have issues turning in the corner. He could drive through Tanner Gray in the No. 15 Toyota for Tricon, sending him around. Fortunately, there was no major damage from the incident.

The second caution of the stage for incident came as a pileup occurred in the tight corners of the paperclip. Sammy Smith hopped the curve sending him into Jack Wood. Like a domino, Wood would get into Lane Riggs and there was nobody there to bounce off of. Riggs’ No. 38 truck would spin around for the first time of the stage.

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The stage would officially come to an end after yet another caution by Lane Riggs. The No. 38 truck would tangle with another truck to spin again and lightly kiss the outside wall. He would receive no major damage from the incident but the caution would ultimately end the stage.

By winning the second stage, Christain Eckes won his third stage of the 2024 season. He led nearly every lap of this race thus far and is looking for his second win of the season.

The Main Characters

This stage marks the third stage win of 2024 for Christain Eckes. He has dominated this race so far. He looks to continue that domination heading into the third and final stage en route to his second 2024 win.

Around The Garage

During the stage break, Ty Dillon was busted for speeding down pit road. He was forced to restart in the rear.

Also during the stage break, Lane Riggs in his No. 38 Ford had a slow stop, citing issues with the left rear tire. The slow pit stop would put Riggs in harm’s way back in the pack.

The first caution of Stage 2 came just before Lap 70. The incident in question saw Tanner Gray spin around after making some contact with Matt Crafton. Reportedly, Matt Crafton’s No. 88 wouldn’t turn, causing the contact. There was no major damage and both trucks were able to drive away.

During the break for the second caution for incident of the night, a number of drivers pitted, including heavy hitters Nick Sanchez and Rajah Caruth. This put them within their fuel window.

After being mired back in traffic due to a slow pit stop, Lane Riggs was tagged from behind by Jack Wood who was also hit by Sammy Smith. Riggs would get the worst of it as he would spin around, causing a caution. Fortunately, he received little damage and was able to continue.

Snow in Martinsville?…in April??? According to the spotter of the No. 98, that was the case!


Two stages in the books at Martinsville and Christian Eckes won both of them. We have just one remaining–100 laps to go! Will the No. 19 be able to continue his dominance or will another contender emerge with the overall race win? Let’s go! We’re over halfway at the paperclip! Let’s finish strong!

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