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Drivers Call for More Horsepower after Martinsville Performance

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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

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After the new aero package failed to fix the passing issues presented last year at Martinsville, drivers are calling upon NASCAR to give the cars more horsepower to bring back passing for a better on track product.

What’s Happening?

Short tracks, especially Martinsville, have presented a challenge in recent memory when it comes to the ability to make passes. For anyone who watched the Martinsville race this weekend, saw glaring comparisons to last year’s races at the paperclip. Drivers sounded off, asking for a change to fix the racing product.

  • With the new aero package for short tracks, NASCAR reduced the downforce with a smaller 2″ spoiler, a move that Joey Logano said is a “step in the right direction”, but fellow driver Denny Hamlin says they need more horsepower to restore the ability to pass.
  • NASCAR introduced this new package in hopes that it would fix the passing issues at short tracks, and the package received praise at Phoenix during its tests, however on Sunday it didn’t appear to have worked as well as the drivers, or fans would have liked it to.
  • As a fan, we can all agree that more passing will create a better on track product. Martinsville ranked incredibly low on polls that Jeff Gluck, reporter for The Athletic, posts weekly on Twitter asking fans if that weekends race was a good race or not.

Around the Garage

Denny Hamlin didn’t hold punches after the race on Sunday at Martinsville, saying that “this is the new NASCAR where these cars cannot pass.”

Hamlin would then go on his “Actions Detrimental” podcast by Dirty Mo Media and say that the savings on the engine bill didn’t justify the on track product.

Kevin Harvick has his ideal horsepower number….

In the Stands

Kevin says if the fans don’t like the product, it doesn’t matter if they save money on the engines.

Jason isn’t a Hamlin fan, but agrees with him 100%.

Bob says the drop in ratings is related to the on track product, and not Chase Elliott’s absence.

Mike thinks passing at Martinsville has always been difficult.

In the Pressbox

Bob Pockrass, reporter for Fox Sports, tweets this information from Hendrick President Jeff Andrews.

Jeff Gluck, reporter for The Athletic, posts this poll after every race weekend asking if it was a good race or not. Vote yourself, and see the results. Fans have it very lopsided right now.

The passing was certainly a challenge, much like last year at Martinsville, and aside from pulling the Hail Melon and passing 6 cars in a single corner, it is a chore to be able to gain position here. What is the solution? Will NASCAR be able to figure something out for racing at Martinsville? We will have to wait and see.

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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

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