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Does Noah Gragson to Kaulig Make Any Sense?

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When people think about where Noah Gragson could go in 2024, many immediately think of Kaulig Racing. There have not been any reports out regarding Noah Gragson going to Kaulig, but, until he has signed, that team remains a possibility. Does Kaulig Racing make any sense for Noah Gragson?

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Why Kaulig Could Work?

Kaulig Racing is a unique race team. They have built their way up through the Xfinity Series and into the Cup Series quickly, and they have found success very quickly. They have a charismatic team president in Chris Rice along with a similarly charismatic team owner in Matt Kaulig.

Noah Gragson needs to be in a place that allows him to be the free spirit he is, while also reigning him in when the time is appropriate. Kaulig Racing is an environment that could allow that. It also is a place that Gragson already has a connection to with running 10 races for the team in 2022 with a best finish of 18th at both Kansas races.

It also gives Gragson the interesting opportunity to run in either the Xfinity Series or the Cup Series. The question is, which series could Gragson run in?

Xfinity or Cup?

This is an interesting debate for Noah Gragson. If he runs in the Xfinity Series, he would be in Championship-contending equipment, and he could win a lot of races. If he runs in the Cup Series, he is at the highest level of the sport, but he may struggle again.

Keep in mind how poorly he performed in the Cup Series with Legacy Motor Club this season. He recorded 0 top-10 finishes before his suspension. Because of that, that may push either Gragson or Kaulig to have him start in the Xfinity Series.

There also could be the issue of funding. It takes more money to run in the Cup Series than in the Xfinity Series, and Gragson may only have enough funding to run in the Xfinity Series. However, lack of funding could mean something more than just being bumped down to Xfinity.

Why Kaulig May Not Work

Kaulig Racing will likely need significant funding from Noah Gragson to make a deal like this work. That’s just the way that NASCAR is, and how much funding Gragson brings to the table is a mystery. Regardless of how his suspension affected his sponsorships, how many of those were Legacy Motor Club sponsorships, and how many of those were Noah Gragson sponsorships?

He used a significant amount of Bass Pro Shops funding in the Xfinity Series, which was a JR Motorsports sponsor. If he does not bring the funding to the table, then it will not work. There is also the issue of performance for Kaulig Racing as well in the Cup Series.

Gragson will not immediately be winning races for the team in all likelihood. Would Gragson want to come to Kaulig to run 15th, or would he take a winning Xfinity or Truck Series ride?

The issue of Noah Gragson’s 2024 plans continues to be a mystery. Could Kaulig Racing be his destination?

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