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Dale Jr Has No Contract with NBC

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That guy you’ve seen on TikTok talking about cars going right and sometimes left.

Dale Earnahrdt Jr’s broadcasting future is up in the air, and Tony Stewart had some strong words for SHR. BrakeHard breaks this all down in this video.

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s NBC contract expired after 2023. Brake Hard is surprised at this news.
  • Brake Hard looks at all of Earnhardt Jr.’s options for 2024. This includes where he can go with the next TV deal and how Dirty Mo Media factors in.
  • Tony Stewart put the pressure on SHR’s shoulders to perform better in 2024. BrakeHard was critical of some of Stewart’s comments including his presence at the track, or lack thereof.

Will Dale Jr. return to NBC, or will he sign with another broadcast partner? Time will tell, and BrakeHard will be there to give his thoughts when the inevitable news breaks. Be sure to subscribe so you do not miss any NASCAR news as Speedweeks approaches!

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