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Dale Earnhardt Jr Voices Concern over North Wilkesboro Track Surface

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What’s Happening

This weekend’s All Star festivities at North Wilkesboro Speedway have been highly anticipated, but there have been concerns about the 42 year old track surface. Especially following patchwork being done to the track during the preliminary events this week. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has now expressed his own concern to Bob Pockrass of FOX Sports saying that if NASCAR came back next year, they should probably repave the race track.

  • Earnhardt Jr mentioned that while the old surface and its’ imperfections could be tolerated by series such as the CARS Tour, the Cup Series drivers and teams would not tolerate the same issues. “It’s a big risk that they’re taking now with this surface for this Sunday. I think they won’t want to take this risk again. I’d be surprised if they do.”
  • These comments come amongst concern over the old track surface after patchwork was done during the CARS Tour and ASA practice this week. Drivers had advocated for the old surface to not be repaved ahead of this weekend’s race, including Dale Earnhardt Jr. No issues were had with the surface during the Racetrack Revival last August.
  • Fan opinions on social media are split. Some see the issues that could arise, but others are concerned that a repave could ruin the racing product at the track.

The Main Characters

Pockrass went on to give fans a look at the old surface, and he even shows that some work is still being done at the track.

This is the incident that happened on Tuesday during practice for the ASA Series at the track.

In the Stands

Addicted to Racing believes Cup drivers should be able to handle it.

I have no idea what raceamanity is.

Repaves are never what anyone wants, but they do have to be done at some point.

No it should not.

Let’s hope not.

Derek Yoder thinks the traffic is perfect.

Jonathan gives some more insight into what the track surface looks like.

Jay Mixson like the old North Wilkesboro asphalt.

Christopher Herbert points out that North Wilkesboro track issues have not been uncommon.

Daniel Ottobre

On Your Screen

Eric Estepp expressed some of these same concerns early in the week, specifically noting the pressure that is on this event as well.

The racing surface is definitely a cause for concern this weekend. If there are any issues with the racing surface, I hope that NASCAR executives and the TV networks do not give up on the race because of something that can definitely be fixed. The fan excitement for the event should trump any of these issues at the end of the day, but there is desire from everyone for this event to be great after 27 years of waiting.

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