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Could We See Kyle Busch in Australian Supercars Next Year?

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Richard Childress teased that Kyle Busch could be attempting the Adelaide 500 Australian Supercars race in the near future. Stefan Bartholomaeus of V8 Sleuth described the deal as, “In the works”, and he reported that Childress and Erebus Motorsports, Brodie Kostecki’s Supercars team, is working towards a “wildcard” entry in the 2024 Adelaide 500. Could this actually happen?

What is the Adelaide 500?

The Adelaide 500 is one of the most prestigious Australian Supercars races of the year. It takes place at the historic Adelaide Street Circuit in the Eastern Parklands of South Australia, Australia. An expanded version of this circuit used to be the host of the Formula One Australian Grand Prix

The race was founded in 1999, and it became the Supercars season finale in 2022 after a brief hiatus in 2021. The race gets its name because it is actually two 250-kilometer races, which combine to make up the 500-kilometer overall distance. Shane Van Gisbergen and Marcos Ambrose are both former winners of the race.

What is a “Wildcard” Entry?

Now, a “Wildcard” entry is a unique concept to Australian Supercars. Well, Supercars YouTuber, Peggles, described what this is.

Essentially, a “Wildcard” entry is an extra entry for Supercars team usually through some outside help. According to Peggles, the wildcard entry will usually use a spare chassis along with sharing parts, crew members, and other things with the team’s main entries.

It’s not too dissimilar from the concept of “Open Cars” in the Cup Series. It’s like when Jimmie Johnson ran the 2023 Daytona 500 in the 84 car for Legacy Motor Club, although not exactly the same thing.

Will This Actually Happen?

While Steph Bartholomaeus reported that Kyle Busch, RCR, and Erebus were working towards an entry in the 2024 Adelaide 500, nothing was officially announced. Richard Childress floated out to Bartolomaeus that Busch could come back at some point.

We’ve talked to [Busch] some about coming. I think he might one of these days. He’d enjoy this…The track’s good, tight, the kind of racing that he’d like. I think he’d do good over here.

Richard Childress

Andrew Dickeson, who works with Erebus’ Supercars program also had some things to say about Kyle Busch coming over to Bartolomaeus. Dickeson has talked to Busch and even a government official about Kyle Busch coming to run the Adelaide 500.

It’s been discussed, roughly, with Kyle. Barry (Ryan, Erebus CEO) asked me about that, it works in with out schedule and the event organizers would love it…We were at the State dinner the other night and the (South Australian) Premier came up and said he wanted him (Childress) to bring Kyle Back next year, so I think we could make it happen.

Andrew Dickeson

The Premier of South Australia is similar to a State Governor in the United States. A high-level government official wants it, and Dickeson said that he feels they can make a 2024 entry happen. Will it?

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