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Cody’s Top 11 NASCAR YouTubers

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Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
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For nearly five years I managed a convenience store and worked primarily the graveyard shift and, usually, on the weekends. As you might imagine, it’s difficult to keep up with the world at large with such a schedule let alone the world of NASCAR. Because I worked such a crazy schedule and my nights and days were essentially flipflopped, I missed a lot of races, at least when it came to live television broadcasts.

As a result to this, I had to primarily get my NASCAR fix through race highlights posted usually in the wee hours of the morning after the race was held while I was still at work. Watching NASCAR YouTubers was something I just sort of stumbled into.

I didn’t go out seeking NASCAR News channels, they were just sort of suggested to me on various highlight reels posted by NASCAR’s YouTube channel or FOX or NBC sports YT channels respectively.

Needless to say, I became hooked at their personalities, content, and creativity and now I’m a loyal viewer of all these creators. Me getting this gig was directly because of an ad I saw on one of the YouTube channels that will appear on this list. Here are my top-11 NASCAR YouTubers.

#11 Real Radman

Real Radman was one of the very first NASCAR YouTubers I started watching. Maybe even the first one. I remember watching him heavily during the pandemic of 2020 and perhaps even earlier. I started watching him primarily for his race reviews since I missed the actual races themselves more often than not.

Since then, he’s slowed his race reviews (but still does them from time to time) as his main focus has actually shifted towards NASCAR gaming. He plays old NASCAR console games (like NASCAR Thunder) and is an active participant on iRacing. If you dig racing games, check him out!

#10 Daniel Kriete

Daniel Kriete’s YouTube channel is a younger one within the community, only surfacing in the last year or so. But he’s on top of it when it comes to news from the NASCAR world and he frequently uploads videos, sometimes multiple times a day. His channel might be a little smaller than most others on this list but hey, do yourself a favor and go subscribe. You won’t regret it.

#9 David Land

I know, David Land isn’t technically a NASCAR YouTuber…but he does talk about NASCAR from time to time, he’s a racing YouTuber, and this is my list, so I can do what I want. To me, it feels like David Land is the spiritual successor of The Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain. You know, the show that came on at 8et. on weeknights on the Speed Channel and you had to flip back and forth between that and Full House on Nick@Nite? Man, I miss the Speed Channel.

David Land’s YouTube endeavor is very similar in that he talks about all sorts of motorsports, including NASCAR. He has heavily covered the Kyle Larson story from suspension to tremendous return. On top of that, his content is very polished and professional and he’s out in the field covering motorsports news at racetracks around the world.

If you like NASCAR but also enjoy F1, INDYCAR, or IMSA, I highly recommend him.

#8 S1ap Sh0es

S1ap Sh0es has some of the most unique content of any creator on this list. He’s not strictly a news channel (though he does touch on it sometimes), he mostly covers the more historical side of racing, not just NASCAR but also at the American short track scene.

He uploads frequently when he’s not protesting another cruel short track closing, often filming his videos in a tent somewhere. He also does a couple of series, two of my favorites being Ghost Tracks and the Mark Martin Apologetics Tour. Check him out.

#7 Bologna Burger

This YouTube channel focuses primarily on the most recent NASCAR breaking news stories. He also typically does a livestream after each race and has a mean recipe for a titular bologna burger posted on his channel.

#6 Danny B. Talks

Danny B. is a staple for NASCAR fans and they all should subscribe to his channel. A member of the NASCAR Weekly Podcast, he also frequently uploads videos about the latest news in the world of NASCAR but he’s also a NASCAR historian, fisherman, and NASCAR collector as a handful of his videos are shot at The Racing Warehouse out of Lowell, North Carolina.

From that warehouse, he actually owns a race-used side of sheet meatal from Alex Bowman’s #48 Ally Chevy. It just doesn’t get any cooler than that! He’s also got several series on his channel, my personal favorite being Rise and Fall where he recounts the battered history of many of NASCAR’s failed teams.

#5 Brock Beard

Brock Beard’s channel on YouTube is like a more in-depth version of S1ap Sh0es’s channel. It’s not really news-focused (though he also live-streams after many of the NASCAR races to talk about them) as Brock Beard’s main thing is making wonderful feature-length documentaries about the sport we all love.

One of my favorites of these is when he talks specifically about Darrell Waltrip’s 2000 Victory Road Tour, a spinoff of one of his other videos talking about the various retirement seasons in NASCAR history. I also really enjoy his ongoing, almost television series-length series of videos titled 500 DAYS, which discusses all the various storylines leading up to the 2001 Daytona 500.

#4 Black Flags Matter

BFM is one of my favorite NASCAR YouTubers as he, too, covers more of the historical side of the sport. And I don’t mean just NASCAR, I mean auto racing in general from the aforementioned NASCAR, to Formula 1 and INDYCAR. He’s got several series on his channel such as “Gone Too Soon”, NASCAR Busts”, and, my personal favorite, “Abandoned Tracks”.

#3 The Iceberg

The Iceberg, like several others on this list, uploads daily, sometimes with multiple videos in one day. One of the coolest things about his videos is that even when they’re historical in nature, they’re usually posted strategically to correspond with something else going on in the NASCAR world at that time, usually an upcoming race.

He’s also very on top of all the latest and breaking NASCAR news stories we need to know about and he often hosts livestreams immediately following NASCAR races on any given night.

He’s also a co-host for the NASCAR Weekly Podcast, sharing the hosting duties with his other co-hosts.

#2 JettMDK

JettMDK is one my favorite of the more recent YouTubers to join the NASCAR discussion. I started watching JettMDK last year, trying to find any news or speculation I could over the Kyle Busch free agency fiasco. He posts consistently great content and covers the latest NASCAR news and rumors from within the business and sport.

#1 Eric Estepp (Out of the Groove)

OOTG is my go-to source for any and all NASCAR breaking stories, silly season news, collectable unboxings and paint scheme rankings. I watch the show religiously, usually within minutes of it getting uploaded which is sort of what aided me in getting this gig.

On a daily upload schedule, he often records multiple videos a day when something massive within the world of NASCAR happens. He is also one of the YouTubers I got hooked on during my nearly 5-years-of-night working at that store and I loved his race reviews and would sometimes even rewatch them on multiple occasions. I love the aptly pegged Groovy Gage.

All of these YouTubers would be great for your listening enjoyment…weather you’re driving to work, you’re at work, you’re mowing the lawn, or even if you’re playing NASCAR video games (my preferred way to listen). They’re all phenomenal and I hope you check them out.

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Picture of Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
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