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Chastain Wrecks Another Driver, This Time a Lapped Car. Twitter is not on His Side.

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Article Contents

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While Fighting for a top five spot, Ross Chastain ran over the lapped Brennan Poole, collecting Kyle Larson, sparking social media disdain for Chastain.

What’s Happening?

Ross Chastain found himself in the center of controversy once again as he spun the lapped car of Brennan Poole, collecting Kyle Larson. Both Poole and Larson fell well out of contention following the incident.

You Need To Know:

  • Ross Chastain, a notably aggressive driver, was battling for fourth spot with Kyle Larson during stage one of the Wurth 400 at Dover behind the two lapped cars of Austin Dillon and Brennan Poole. Chastain ran into the back of Poole, sending Poole into a spin back up the track which collected Kyle Larson.
  • Ross Chastain has a history of aggressive driving. Sometimes it has resulted in incredible moments such as the “Hail Melon” at Martinsville in October, but sometimes it has drawn the ire of the garage or the fans, most notably his feud in 2022 with Denny Hamlin. Chastain said to his team after this incident, “I did not mean to do that at all.” Poole said in reponse to todays wreck that Chastain, “Probably needs to get his butt whooped,” to Fox Sports’ Jamie Little after the incident.
  • Fans, drivers, and media members are generally not on Chastain’s side with this incident. Most are generally tired of seeing these types of incidents involving the 1 car.

The Main Characters

Ross Chastain wrecked Brennan Poole collecting Kyle Larson during stage one at Dover, and Rusty Wallace gave his thoughts.

Brennan Poole was not happy with Chastain following the incident at Dover

Kyle Larson was not happy with Chastain following the incident either.

Around the Garage

Alex Bowman, recovering at home from a back injury, was clearly not impressed with Chastain causing a crash that involved Bowman’s teammate.

From the Stands

Christopher Welch finds some humor in this incident.

@toby_021239316 on Twitter believes Poole deserves some blame due to breaking early.

Mark Holmes comes up with a new nickname for Chastain.

MrPissant comes up with another Chastain nickname.

On Your Screen

The Iceberg (Jaret Lundberg) points out a cycle he sees with these Ross Chastain incidents.

It certainly was a SPICY soundbite Eric.

Jett Krauss suggests that Chastain stops simply apologizing after multiple of these incidents.

From the Pressbox

Steven Stumpf and others caught up with Brennan Poole after the incident.

Tom Bowles reports that Poole claims he sees a pattern in these types of incidents.

Davey Segal from Sirius XM NASCAR Radio puts the blame on Ross Chastain for the incident.

Have we seen this before, or something similar to this? Nate Ryan says so.

Bob Pockrass reports that Kyle Larson did return to the race following repairs.

Chastain once again finds himself in controversy. It seems that he is falling more out of the good graces of the general NASCAR population after today’s incident.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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