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Chase Elliott Will Be A Problem For Your Favorite Driver

The Iceberg

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Chase Elliott is back in Victory Lane, over the last few weeks Chase used his greatest strength, consistency to rise in the standings and now that he has a minimum on his side it may be time to start worrying about your favorite driver’s championship chances.

  • Over the last few years, Chase seemed very timid on track now he’s making three wide passes for the lead. Has Chase Elliott finally shaken off the mental toll that his injury caused him? 
  • Elliot was the road course king in the GEN six era since he already got a win on a mile and a half could we see the king return to his throne when we go to Sonoma? 
  • Chase Elliott started the season off the same way he ended last season: a top 15 car not really competing but over the last four races he slowly made the climb to a top 10 car then a top-five car and now a winning car, do you see this momentum, lasting until playoffs?
  • Over the last year and a half, NASCAR fans have laid a lot of doubt on Alan Gustafson and the entire Chase Elliott team. Are the next few weeks going to be the time when Chase Elliott and his team earn his respect back? 

Do you think case Elliott will perform great this year and go far into the playoffs? Could he even be a championship contender? Or could he fall back down to mediocrity, let The Iceberg know what you think in the comments. 

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