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Chase Briscoe’s Team HAMMERED With $250,000, 120 Point Penalty

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Article Contents

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Stewart-Haas Racing's 14 team has been penalized 120 driver and owner points and fined $250,000 for "counterfeiting a Next Gen part"

What’s Happening

Chase Elliott and Hendrick Motorsports were not the only Cup Series driver and team to be penalized this week. The number 14, Stewart-Haas Racing team was today penalized for what NASCAR called “Counterfeiting a Next Gen part”, which later reported was the NACA ducts.

The penalty was 120 driver and owner points, 25 playoff points, a six-race suspension for crew chief John Klausmeier, and a $250,000 fine.

  • Chase Briscoe was in 17th place in the playoff standings, just four points before the cut-line before the penalty. He is now 31st in the standings 124 points out of the playoffs.
  • NASCAR has been very strict regarding modifying/counterfeiting next-gen parts. Most notably, Hendrick Motorsports was penalized twice this season for modifying single-source next-gen parts.
  • Social media was pretty shocked at the magnitude of the penalty.

In the Stands

Yeah, that was quite a shock.

Briscoe has definitely had a struggling season.

No better meme.

Petition to bring Jimmy Spencer back to Race Hub?

Briscoe has had a rough year.

Big ouch.

golly gee indeed.

I would not want to walk into Tony Stewart’s office right about now.

On Your Screen

DannyB chimes in. Only 20th place indeed.

Good question Eric.

Yes Darian, only 20th.

From the Pressbox

MASSIVE is right Alan Cavanna

Jim Utter gives his two cents

Bob Pockrass reports Greg Zipadelli’s statement.

It has been a tough year for Stewart-Haas Racing, and this just makes it that much worse. Obviously, this is a completely self-inflicted wound, and now Briscoe is left to race into the playoffs from down 124 points with only 11 races to do it. 6

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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