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Charlotte Motor Speedway May Be Getting a Dedicated Road Course

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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

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Charlotte Motor Speedway has hosted its hybrid "Roval" since 2018, and now it seems that they are building a dedicated road course.

What’s Happening?

NASCAR could have another new road course on the schedule in very familiar territory. According to a Reddit post featuring an article from Grassroots Motorsports, Charlotte Motor Speedway is planning on building a dedicated roadcourse. Check out the Grassroots Motorsports article here.

  • Charlotte Motor Speedway announced the plans at the inaugural Smith Heritage Invitational last weekend.
  • Charlotte Motor Speedway has hosted the annual “roval” race at the oval since 2018, and now it plans to have a dedicated road course.
  • The Roval has had mixed reaction from fans, however with recent additions of road courses like COTA and the Chicago Street race, fans have expressed approval of road course racing. Could a road course in the heartland of NASCAR be successful?

In the stands

Number9Rocks (I bet they’re a Hamlin fan) has an interesting suggestion.

Fourbitplayer suggests this is the site for the much discussed endurance race on the schedule!

Immediate_Lie says that it would be cool if it replaced the roval.

Dog Dad let’s us know his thoughts on the Roval…..

Julian thinks the Roval is the greatest of all time.

The new road course is currently geared toward building the Smith Heritage Invitational as a Goodwood-style event, as well as a track for club members. However, Walter added that they’re considering bringing in outside groups as well, but those plans are not finalized yet.

Will we see stock cars on this newly built road course? NASCAR has done crazier things, like the Clash at the Coliseum inside the Rose Bowl football stadium.

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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

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