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Bowman, Ally, and Hendrick Announce Future

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Bryan Moyers

Bryan Moyers

These articles are written perfect and staggered special. If you wanna read em, they CAN inform you. -Harry Hogge, probably.
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Hendrick Motorsports announces a 3 year extension for Alex Bowman and 5 year extension for Ally Financial Tuesday morning.

What’s Happening?

In an official release Wednesday morning, Hendrick announces Alex Bowman and Ally Financial will continue with the team for 3 and 5 years, respectively.

What you need to know:

  • Ally, a partner for Alex Bowman in the NASCAR Cup Series and beyond, has signed a 5 year agreement with Hendrick Motorsports alongside Bowman’s 3 year extension.
  • Bowman finished 16th in the driver championship in 2022 with 1 win and 3 other top 5 finishes at Vegas, Austin, Dover, and Kansas. All this success occurred despite sitting out several races due to a concussion.
  • With question marks swirling around Bowman’s future in the 48, this announcement could allow the 29 year old driver to focus on his performance in 2023 and beyond.

Main Characters

Rick Hendrick shared his excitement for Ally’s partnership; “When Ally makes a commitment to something, they’re all in. It’s been extremely rewarding to see their passion for the No. 48 team and the unique ways they use the sponsorship to engage with our fans.”

He continued on the topic of Bowman’s extension saying he was thrilled to extend Alex, “one of NASCAR’s most exciting stars.” Hendrick pointed out a similarity between Ally and Bowman commenting on each’s passion and commitment. Mr. H summarized the announcement with “It’s a tremendous combination.”

Ally Financial echoed the excitement from the release on Twitter.

Bowman also took to Twitter with his perspective of the announcement.

Ally’s chief marketing officer, Andrea Brimmer, called the the extension a “no-brainer.” “Alex is our guy, and a true ally.” Ally has also recently become the Official Banking Partner of NASCAR and extended sponsorship for the Ally 400 at the Nashville Superspeedway.

Around the Garage

Tommy Joe Martins, an up and coming driver, congratulated Bowman on Twitter.

In the Stands

Many fans offered support for the move, but Anthony Curasi wants to put his money where is fandom lies.

The news made Justin Wade optimistic for the 2023 season.

Stacia Hunt had an even more immediate outlook for the news as she looks forward to Daytona’s qualifying.

The timing of the announcement shows everyone involved’s desire to focus on racing performance without “silly season” negotiations looming overhead. The news gives Bowman and Hendrick fans strong anticipation for the 2023 season.

On your Screen

Out of the Groove’s Eric Estepp gave his take on Bowman’s new contract:

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Bryan Moyers

Bryan Moyers

These articles are written perfect and staggered special. If you wanna read em, they CAN inform you. -Harry Hogge, probably.
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