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 Best Budget Direct Drive Option in Sim Racing

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One essential thing when you want to play Iracing or any other racing simulator is a good wheel and pedal setup. However, this could be very intimidating for new fans because of the price tags on some of these setups. Luckily for you, DJ Yee-J is here to find us the best budget options in Sim racing.

  • There are a lot of important attributes that people pay attention to when looking at a new racing wheel. Some may be the amount of force feedback or the footprint at the wheel. What is the most important thing in your mind when you’re buying a new wheel?
  • Everyone has their own opinion and their preference but for DJ Yee-J, his favorite wheel is the Moza R5. What’s your favorite wheel to use?
  • One of the key advantages of having a direct drive wheel is that you get the feel of the car. How much do you think this matters in your gameplay?

What’s your favorite setup? Are you looking to upgrade? Let DJ Yee-J know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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