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Best and Worst Throwback Paint Schemes

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That guy you’ve seen on TikTok talking about cars going right and sometimes left.

Since Darlington throwback weekend started, it has been one of the most fun races in the NASCAR schedule. Getting the opportunity to see your favorite childhood paint scheme back on track again is an amazing feeling but unfortunately, with this Next Gen car some of the older paint schemes have trouble looking normal on these new bodies. BrakeHard is here to break down all of the best and the worst throwback schemes for the 2024 weekend.

  • Every year, NASCAR fans have their favorite throwback scheme, whether it was a scheme from your childhood or just a well-designed throwback scheme, everyone usually has a favorite, but what makes a throwback scheme good to you? Is it the changing of fonts and dedication to design or do you like a good historic story? 
  • When NASCAR decided to move the numbers up towards the front fender for the Next Gen car a lot of fans hated it but when you see the cars on track, you barely notice the difference. The only time that you notice a change is on Throwback weekend where every number looks misplaced. Should teams be allowed to move the number back to the door for throwback weekend?
  • Unfortunately, every throwback weekend there are some teams that participate, but a lot of schemes aren’t good. Sometimes it could be that the paint scheme just doesn’t match the new body style or other times it could be a sponsor just throwing it back to an old logo of theirs, not a particular driver. In your opinion, what makes a bad paint scheme?

Do you have a favorite throwback paint scheme of all time? What’s your least favorite scheme this weekend? let Brake Hard know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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