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Assault Charges Brought Following Incident at Hickory Motor Speedway

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Matt Weaver reports that charges have been filed in response to the weekend incident at Hickory Motor Speedway with no comment from the track or NASCAR.

What’s Happening?

A NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series race turned into a disaster last weekend following incidents on and off the track between Landon Huffman and Annabeth Barnes Crum and their respective teams.

Matt Weaver reports that Jake Crum was arraigned for a simple assault charge before he immediately posted bail. Barnes-Crum has yet to receive any penalty for trying to intentionally wreck Landon Huffman as there has been no comment from NASCAR or Hickory Motor Speedway.

  • This stems from an incident during a NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series race at Hickory Motor Speedway where Barnes-Crum was pushed out of the way by Landon Huffman. Barnes-Crum elected to retaliate by trying to wreck Landon intentionally, but she ended up wrecking herself. All while this was going on, Weaver reports that Jake Crum allegedly “clotheslined” Robert Huffman, Landon’s spotter, predicating the assault charge.
  • Landon Huffman is the 2022 track champion at Hickory Motor Speedway, and his father Robert is a 5-time NASCAR Goody’s Dash Series Champion. Jake Crum has run in sporadic NASCAR National Touring Series races, but he has failed to record a top-10 or even lead a lap.
  • Fans on social media are disgusted by the incident. However, most are upset by the lack of comment from NASCAR and Hickory Motor Speedway on the incident.

UPDATE: Matt Weaver reports Jake Crum has his NASCAR license suspended

The Main Characters

This is video of the bump and run followed by the attempted intentional crash by Barnes-Crum.

This is the video of the alleged incident between Jake Crum and Robert Huffman which the assault charges stem from.

Landon Huffman offered is view, saying his dad was okay the day after the incident.

In the Stands

Jordan Powell is not happy with how long it has taken to get a comment from officials at the track or from NASCAR.

ABdoesracing wants a suspension.

Ben Neal wants Crum to be banned.

SteelHorseLive on the lack of a statement from Hickory Motor Speedway.

Tonja Kangas wants NASCAR to step in.

Spencer O’Neil says that Jake Crum and Annabeth Barnes-Crum should be banned.

Big Dave believes that there should be harsh penalties.

This obviously has no place in racing at any level. At some point NASCAR and Hickory Motor Speedway will have to step in and levy their own punishment. Now with charges filed, maybe they will work quicker to do what they need to do.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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