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Alex Bowman on His Return: “I Don’t Want a Commercial”

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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What’s Happening

Alex Bowman was interviewed on Daniel McFadin’s podcast “Dropping The Hammer.” This was the first time Bowman has been interviewed since Hendrick Motorsports announced his return from injury for this weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway. In the interview, Bowman discussed what went into coming back at Charlotte for the Coca Cola 600, whether or not he plans to get back into a sprint car, and whether or not he actually wants a commercial.

Why Return at the Coca-Cola 600?

Some people found it bizarre that Bowman elected to return at the Coca-Cola 600, NASCAR’s longest race. Despite that concern, Bowman believes his back will be able to handle the strain of the Coca-Cola 600. His concern more-so comes from the fact that he has not been very active.

“In the car [his back] is not that bad. I think I’m gonna be hurting at the end of the 600…but I feel like for me I’m gonna be okay. I’m gonna be able to get through it.” Bowman said, “I’m more worried about the fact that I haven’t been able to work out or stay active for the last month than my back.”

In spite of his back injury, Bowman did say that he has been able to move around more than one may think. He mentioned to McFadin that he has worked some around his sprint car team’s shop and doing his best to support the 48 team. While Bowman did acknowledge the timing is not great, he is excited to get back in the car.

Will Bowman return to a Sprint Car?

Bowman said quickly that he will race in a sprint car or a midget again. The timing, however, is uncertain. Bowman even said that it could be “years” before he gets back into a car like that.

For now, Bowman’s primary focus seems to be on being healthy and consistent in his NASCAR Cup Series ride. He also expressed his desire to make sure he is there for his team and sponsors in the best way he can. Bowman also missed five races last season due to a concussion sustained at Texas Motor Speedway last fall.

“I need to put together years of consistency and not risk that with my team, but that’s a me thing. That’s not coming from above or anything…” Bowman said, “…Just trying to get back to that level of competing all the time, and representing Ally how I need to, and be at the race track, be in the race car, and actually be able to do my job.”

Bowman says is not facing pressure from Rick Hendrick to scale back his activities outside of NASCAR, but it does seem that this incident has made him rethink how to spend his free time. His primary focus seems to be competing in NASCAR at this point.

Does Alex Bowman Want a Commercial?

Alex Bowman quipped online asking where his commercial was for returning. His teammate Chase Elliott had a slew of commercials welcoming him back from injury. However, Bowman expressed to McFadin that he does not need a commercial, and he prefers to let his racing do the talking.

“I don’t want a commercial honestly. I don’t like attention. I want to win races because I want to beat everybody else not because I want the attention in victory lane,” Bowman said. “Honestly, every race I’ve won I can’t wait to get out of the race track and just get home to my friends and family and celebrate with them.”

From there, Bowman actually said to McFadin that his teammate Elliott is good for the sport. He contrasted Elliot being a guy that is nearly universally loved to Ross Chastain, a guy that is more polarizing. However, Bowman expressed that both are good for the sport.

Indeed having controversial figures puts NASCAR in the headlines, but the sport also needs guys that are easy to root for. NASCAR needs drivers who are popular. That hero vs villain arc can create a bunch of storylines.

At the end of the day, Bowman is returning this weekend, and he seems happy about it. It should be exciting to see how Bowman does

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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