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Add Another Rivalry to His List: Bowman Miffed at Chastain’s Team Order Snub

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Nick Brand

Nick Brand

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Alex Bowman confronts Ross Chastain on pit road after Ambetter Health 400

What’s Happening?

On Sunday evening, the NASCAR Cup Series teams that survived the chaos of the final stage in the Ambetter Health 400 headed down pit road for post-race activities. Some drivers (Alex Bowman in particular) headed towards the #1 Trackhouse Racing entry of Ross Chastain.

Bowman poked his head into the driver’s compartment and held a seemingly heated one-way conversation with the driver of the Advent Health Chevy. 

You need to know: 

  • Coordination between spotters of the Trackhouse Racing Chevy  (#1) and the Hendrick Motorsports Chevy (#48) were to “work together” for the remaining laps to disrupt the Ford stranglehold of the race coming to the finish.
  • The deal was bailed upon at some point and the frustration expressed from Alex towards Ross in “not making good” on that deal is what the conversation was about. 
  • Chastain has been top of many drivers’ enemy list as of late, and this is one more driver who’ll be a lot less friendly to the “Watermelon Man” next time on track.

The Main Characters

Alex Bowman

Alex was frustrated with the lack of help. A visit to Panda Express and a two-entree plate with fried rice, kung pao chicken, sweetfire chicken, and rangoons should do the trick.

From the man himself: 

Ross Chastain

Didn’t seem like Ross “The Boss” was too phased by the “meet and greet”…he’s ready to move on to the place of his first win a year ago!

In The Stands

NellM48 just stated what she knew about Bowman “The Showman.” The TRUTH. It shall prevail. 

Frank sees only pain. 

Hit Arnie in the feels Frank. In the feels. 

texwardfan22 appreciated the run that Ross had and that some in the booth stuck up for the “Melon Man.” 

Vincenzobags is on that same mentality with Ross…ready to run it back to next week and relive that win at COTA in 2022. 

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Nick Brand

Nick Brand

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