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A New NASCAR Rivalry is Born: Sam Mayer Vs Ryan Truex

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Article Contents

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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

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Tensions are always high at the paperclip, and for a short track, there were big tempers on the track. Sam Mayer shows his displeasure with Ryan Truex with just one finger.

What’s Happening?

Late in the Xfinity race at Martinsville speedway, chaos ensued when the 19 of Ryan Truex got into the 1 of Sam Mayer, sending Mayer around ending his night.

  • Mayer climbed from his racecar and proceeded to walk up the track and give Truex the one finger salute as he drove by before going with the AMR safety team to the infield care center.
  • Sam Mayer would say after being released from the infield care center that he cant talk about JGR drivers, so he would keep his thoughts to himself.
  • The Xfinity series is known for some of the greatest rivalries. Last year it was Gragson vs Gibbs. This could very well end up being a recurring issue, be sure to watch the 1 anytime he gets near Truex.

Around the Garage

Hear Sam Mayer’s interview after being released from the infield care center.

In the Stands

CJK found a new driver to follow!

Zach loves short track racing!

Neither did we Ryan!

In Your Ear

PRN got in on the fun with this meme!

From the Pressbox

Nascarcasm, journalist for, thought Mayer was simply reminding Truex of Briscoe’s broken finger!

It was a wild night, and if history tells us anything, a penalty for Mayer may be coming for his expression on the track. Will this become a budding new rivalry? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

All Posts

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