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Updated: 2022 DLC for 2020’s NASCAR Heat 5 is Now Also Late

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The NASCAR Heat 5 DLC has not been released yet, despite being promoted as being released today.

What’s Happening?

Yesterday, it was posted that the NASCAR Heat 5 2022 $9.99 DLC would be released today. Was it released? Not exactly.

  • Yesterday, the NASCAR Heat 5 Next-Gen DLC was added to the PlayStation Store and Steam. However, Xbox was absent from the release.
  • Motorsport Games has been a source of significant controversy and scrutiny over the last few years. They have only released one simulation-style NASCAR game, and it was a disaster.
  • Fans are either bemused, amused, or frustrated on social media. They have lost pretty much all trust in Motorsport Games.

UPDATE: The official Twitter account for NASCAR Heat 5 now says that the DLC will release today at 5pm EST

Aluma Trailers

In the Stands

AlexTheFlexer finds this absolutely comical.

Derek is not surprised.

Dylan Magliocca not happy at this move.

Good question Luke

Suspicious indeed Mark McCoy

Kelly is not happy either.

So a patch needs to come out for the DLC to be playable. Yeah, not ideal.

Ryan Ostrander says that he should just stick with NASCAR Thunder 2004.

The update did not release at 10:00 am EST.

On Your Screen

Darian is not optimistic in really any way.

What else can be said about Motorsport Games at this point. This is just not a good look for the company or for the future or NASCAR gaming.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

All Posts