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The Day iRacing’s Hidden Boss Proved Everyone Wrong

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Hidden bosses are common in many games, but have you heard of one in Iracing? I know it’s unexpected that a racing simulator could have a hidden boss, but DJ Yee-J is here to tell us a story of how Iracing’s hidden boss proved everyone wrong.

  • A few people may not know this, but there were racing simulators around before Iracing that were extremely popular in NASCAR’s heyday; in fact, some of the best players in Iracing started playing simulators like NR2003. When did you start playing racing simulators?
  • One of the coolest things about Iracing is that it has a lot of paths and different seasons for you to race with the top drivers in the world. What’s the top series that you have played in? 
  • Bob Bryant worked his way from only doing pick-up races to winning a race in Iracing’s most respected NASCAR series after playing the game for over a decade. Do you know any inspirational stories as good as this one?

What’s the hardest race you’ve played in Iracing? What’s your favorite series in Iracing? Let DJ Yee-J know all your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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