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Noah Gragson Reunites with Old Sponsor

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That guy you’ve seen on TikTok talking about cars going right and sometimes left.

Noah Gragson has a new sponsor, or is it an old sponsor? Brakehard looks at Gragson’s much-needed sponsorship deal and what likely allows it to come together.

  • Brakehard breaks down Noah Gragson’s sponsorship history. While Gragson had his car primarily funded by his race team in 2024, one sponsor has been linked to Gragson at SHR.
  • Bass Pro Shops is the sponsor returning. Brakehard explains why this new sponsor is not only good for Gragson, but it is also good for the sport.
  • Brakehard also looks at how this benefits SHR. SHR has notoriously lost plenty of sponsors this offseason.

Will Noah Gragson succeed in 2024 with Bass Pro Shops sponsorship? Let Brakhard know in the comment section, and be sure to subscribe for all of the latest NASCAR news as Speedweeks rolls on.

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